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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Things Kids Say Thursday

I have only a couple of things this week.  What can I say, some weeks they are funnier than others.

6 year old: Mom, why didn't you name me something cool?
Me: What would be a cool name?
6 year old: Lightning Bolt

3 year old: Mom, can I have something to eat? (We were watching the older boy's football game.)
Me: Sure, how about a pretzel?
3 year old: But the pretzels all have white polka dots on them.
Me: Yep, its called salt.

Six year old: (When waitress forgot to bring parmesan cheese for his pizza)  She's colder than a hot tin roof!

Me: Come on baby, lets go.
Three year old: Mom, I'm not a baby, I'm a big boy who goes to school!

Six year old: (After he forgot his notebook and I went home and brought it in to school.)  You can't just bust in here like that!
Me: Oh yes I can and I just did!

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Jennifer Haas said...

I love the one about the waitress, I am at Starbucks becuase my air is out at home and I actually laughed out loud, and got some looks!!! Thank you for linking up, I cannot wait to read the things your kids say next week!!

Melissa said...

Lightning Bolt WOULD be a cool name! Especially for a kid whose mom busts into the classroom unexpectedly. :)

emotional diva said...

That is super awesome!!!! i love lightning bolt!
my kids get soooo mad at me when i sneak peeks into their classrooms! their friends are all like "lady n your mom's in the window!" and she's all like "no she's not leave me alone!" and they're like "yes she is!" and then she looks and sees me and she's like "mom, you are SOOO embarrassing! what are you DOING here!?"
i love it. hahahahahaha!!!