Friday, July 29, 2011

So Happy It's Thursday

I came across this blog idea and decided to run with it since I am happy it's Thursday.  Reason 1 is Burn Notice which has just started up  again and is really getting good.  Reason 2 is I'm packing for my first ever night away from my kids.  I really should be sadder about this but I'm not.  and Finally I'm going to be in Atlantic City tomorrow!  I've never been so can't wait!  Aren't those good reasons?

Pay absolutely no attention to the fact that it is no longer Thursday.  I WAS happy it was Thursday and gonna be crazy happy on Friday too.  That's the plan!

Monday, July 25, 2011

And then I wrote a blog post...

I know.  You're shocked, right.  Well usually, my job and three kids leave me strapped for imagination and time to sit down and actually write a blog post.  This week the boys are at Bible school.  (doing a little dance for joy)  OK.  and AnonyMOMous begged.  Cause that's what it takes.  begging.  and cash prizes.  I am very susceptible to bribery.  Anyway.  She wrote a very excellent blog post on the contents of her purse and challenged the blogger community to give up theirs..  Well here goes nothing.  Cause I got nothing in it.  I kid. 

Well I, in my infinite wisdom have decided that I do not like lugging around multiple bags and since I have to carry the diaper bag around and the baby (she insists on eating and pooping on a regular basis)  I just stick my stuff in the diaper bag.  Of course I'm not totally uncool, my diaperbag is BabyPhat afterall.
And a must have for all diaperbags no matter how glamorous... matching changing pad, diapers and wipes

A change of clothes and baby accessories
Reading material, because you never know when you might get a moment to read.

Batteries, I don't know why, don't ask, chapstick, lipstick, pictures, band-aids, spare change, crayons and that may or may not be some bills I was supposed to mail last week.  Sorry PSE&G. 

Then the usual stuff, wallet, name badge from work, my phone, my camera, keys, gum,

And after that, you know what's left?  8346294 receipts from everything from the supermarket to the gas station.  I'm not keeping them for a reason, they just get shoved in there until someone forces me to empty and show the contents to the world. 
So your welcome for that tour of everything I have to carry around on a daily basis.  And also for blogging.  If you think your bag is worse then mine prove it by linking up!

Mommy's Magic Bag

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I am up to..

Well you might be wondering what all I am doing that I can't manage to fit in a post here and there. Well besides taking care of the baby girl (who for some reason insists on waking up every three hours, just because...) and working part time, I am still trying to give my children the life they are used to. For instance Tuesday afternoons is piano lessons and Wednesday afternoons is Chess club. And don't even get me started on Saturdays. This Saturday I have Baseball at 8:45am, Soccer at 10am, and Swim lessons at 11:30. Luckily I took the day off because instead of going to work at 2pm, I have a mandatory church retreat for the seven year old. As usual, in order for my son to get his Holy Communion, I have to attend fifteen different scheduled events. (Frankly, I thought this was why I sent him to Catholic school, so they could handle this stuff between 8 and 2, but apparently not.) So think of me as you're enjoying your leisurely Saturday. I'll see you around if I survive...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For those that still care...

So here's the deal. My life has been one non stop hectic mess and I'm sure by now everyone has deleted me as not worth the space on their readers, e-mail etc etc. However, I do need to connect so guess what?! I joined Twitter!!! (Cassiewithkids)You can't see but I just patted myself on the back. HeeHeeHee. Anyway, I always had the blog posting to the twitter but I never checked the twitter itself but my new plan is to be able to update those that care via my handy dandy Blackberry. So I make no promises to sit down and write whole blog posts. As you can see I am terrible at it. Since my husbands is now working regularly again. (Thank you Lord Jesus!!) He isn't around to hog the computer and make snarky comments when I'm on instead of say, doing laundry. So I may. Anyway the purpose of this post is to ask if anyone's out there (echoing......) comment with your twitter handle and I can keep in touch when I'm not on here. More on my upside down crazy life later....