Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WTH is with me lately?!?

My kids being red blooded Americans did their patriotic duty and brought home a butt load of candy for Halloween. Now here's where I let you in on the dirty secret. I rarely let them eat candy. Okay on Halloween they had a couple of pieces and maybe two additional pieces since then but that's pretty much it. So what have I been doing with all this junk? I'll tell you. I've been eating it. I, who generally doesn't have a sweet tooth, and would rather have a beef patty than a chocolate bar, have been scarfing down the candy at regular intervals. I would excuse myself if say, I was having a craving for skittles or snickers and then went to find one. No, me?, I've been going in the kitchen and out of a utter laziness to make myself something eat a piece of candy in lieu of what I actually want. Seriously, I need help. So should I just take the entire bag of candy and chuck it or what? Do you ever find yourself eating things you don't really want?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Bucket List

Okay so my sister sent me an article written by Jen Lancaster. If you haven't read anything by her, you're missing out cause she's amazing. Anyway she's thinking about if she should write a bucket list and reading what's on other people's bucket lists. Apparently, people have these visions of themselves going on African safaris, jumping out of airplanes, climbing tall mountains and other extremely hard, semi-suicidal things.

Personally, I'm with Jen, "not-dying" is pretty high up on my list. I'd like to live to see my grandchildren, which means I need to live at least thirty more years cause my daughter is only four months old. I'd also like to retire. Isn't that boring? I was talking to a co-worker who just got laid off her day job and pretty much she described my perfect day. All day in bed reading, get up to eat, pee and then...go back to bed. Yeah I'd like to live to see a couple of days like that. I'd also wouldn't mind being able to burn that mortgage. Sooo 29 years, eleven months and counting..... I guess I don't need a bucket list since I don't have any lofty goals for myself. Does that make me boring or just lazy???

Thursday, November 4, 2010

To Blog or not to blog

Did you know that it's National Blog Posting Month? Well it is. I have it on good authority. Unfortunately I am a certified blog failure, since I can't organize any rhyme or reason to my posts. I have just come off a six day straight work week which especially sucks since although I got a lot of hours in, there were very few customers. Don't ask me why. Don't they know it is 50 days to Christmas? Someone should be shopping. Anyway since my garage is still full of boxes, my four month old still won't sleep through the night, the economy has dictated I must work myself into the ground, this is basically all you're gonna get for a blog post. Tune in for your next episode of the young (no wisecracks) and insanely busy.