Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What the Hell Wednesday

Lately, my husband has been home in the mornings to "help" me get the kids ready for school. Notice the quotes. That's because when I say help, I really mean get in my way, make everything take twenty minutes longer than it needs to and give me another person that I have to listen complain before 7 am. Say for instance I make pancakes for the kids one morning. Now on this particular morning, the six year old decided he didn't like syrup. I don't know why. Anyway, my normal response would be, well eat your pancakes without them or starve until lunch. Cause I'm that kind of mom. My husband's response was to pull out another pan and make him eggs instead. What the hell? Now I have an additional pan to clean as well as having lost all the time it took him to make the eggs. Thanks for the "help" hun. Also telling me that I have to get up earlier even with the extra help so we can get out the door ontime, not helpful.

So apparently I am having a baby shower. Now this wasn't a surprise. Having a large and loving family, I had a good idea that one was going to be planned at some point. However, already knowing the location does not bode well for their surprise giving abilities. Of course involved in the planning are my sister-in-law and my husband, two of the worst secret keepers in the history of secret keeping. So should I just pretend to not know or should they just give up on the whole surprise thing?

The other day I was sent a message online from a random Julio Rodriguez that said "love that last name cuz its mine" What the hell? Does he send messages like that to all the Rodriguezes on Facebook? Cause I'm guessing I'm not the only Rodriguez on Facebook. Really he must be seriously hard up for friends and family if that's the best he could do.

I thought this sign was particularly appropriate for What the Hell Wednesday. Feel free to join in on the free flowing bitchfest by linking up with the Blue Monkey Butt Sisters.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Dumbest Law Ever, at Least So Far.

So I am innocently going to Dunkin Donuts the other day when I notice this sign in the parking lot.

Really?! Are they serious? I certainly hope there isn't a line in Dunkin Donuts because if you send your significant other in for a coffee and a donut, you can't wait in the car more than three minutes before you are breaking the law. They want you to turn the car off and sit there with no air, no heat, no music. I guess when I go to pick up my son I can't arrive four minutes early because I might be breaking the law. So those other fifty cars of parents (some of which show up twenty minutes early) are, that's right, breaking the law. Funny, I haven't seen any officers walking around giving tickets for this. Probably because it is the least enforceable statute ever written since the no driving and texting law. Or perhaps it's because all those speed traps the police love to set up? Yeah, they involve breaking that same law.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lessons on Being Entertaining on Facebook

Some people get on facebook to play games, some join fanpages, others update their statuses hourly with scintilating information like "just finished eating" and "fell and scraped my knee :(" Although some of the fan pages amuse me like "Hi, Can I help you? No I just waited 15 minutes in line to say hi." Mostly my interaction with my family is what cracks me up. So I thought I'd share my wall with you for your amusement and entertainment. (Also because then I don't have to think up something new to write.) I wrote this on my sister Daniela's wall because some of my other sister's were writing her letters. (Commentary will be in blue.) They were mostly requesting to be tagged in her status since she was tagging her friends and her friends were tagging her back.
Dear Daniela,
Clearly I can not be silent when everyone else is writing you letters. I am way behind on my stalking since I am just now discovering the joy which is your page. Did I forget to mention that checking out other family member's wall can also be entertaining. Cause it is. I blame my husband who is still on the computer. Facebook addict. I had to type this letter out at 3 words a minute on the Blackberry. I am not asking for a status message but rather my own wall of letters for my amusement.
Thank you, Cassie.
PS This is an open letter to all family members. Now check out how much my family loves me/caters to my every whim. In less than fifteen minutes, I had my first letter.

Dear Cassie,
The other day I went to the used bookstore in Hoboken. The sign said books were $5 each, but I told the woman I didn't have enough cash on me. So I got two books for $7. No one quite appreciated how happy this made me. I thought you might understand.
Do I understand?!? I think we need to be testing this envelope by going there with "not enough cash" regularly. Because the only thing better than two books for $7 would be three books for $9.

PS You got a lotta nerve demanding letters for your amusement when your blog has not been updated. I know because I've checked every hour since I've come home from work. Love you! Someone misses me when I don't blog! Yay! Notice the fresh new blog entry. Your welcome.

Dear Cassie, Sadly I had to wait until the next morning for this one. I guess I wasn't the only one falling behind on the page stalking.
Do you know how much pressure it puts on a person to demand a funny letter on their wall? So congratulations. Here is an unfunny letter. Now everyone loses. Hope you are happy.
Okay, I don't see how a letter that ends apathetically could possibly be anything but funny but you be the judge.

Dearest Older Sister, Was that an age crack?
I too blame your husband for your lack of recent blogs, and your siblings resulting boredom. Good cause it is totally his fault and really that isn't the only thing we could blame him for. However, it is great timing since I have just began my vacation and will therefore be spending lots of time at your house, making memorable moments that will still be on your mind by the time you get your computer back. Notice the memorable moment we created in cyberspace. Yeah we are that good.
PS If your husband is going to be taking all the time on the computer, he should at least consider writing a blog for our amusement. I mean someone should be entertaining us. I am much funnier online. He is funnier in person while drinking alcoholic beverages. Just saying. And I'm still trying to figure out a way to erase his memory of Facebook.

Dear Most Amazing Sister in the World, She's right. I so am.
good news. I saw a dog today. Have you ever seen a dog? I bet you have. Why is your coat big? are they your friends? do they have big coats too? I painted a picture of a butterfly. No, she isn't six years old, she is just channeling her inner child, who may be only four, I'm not sure.
Love your favorite sister and children's babysitter, Now that's why I love you.
PS although your blogs are few and far between, they're not that bad! it makes them more amazing when we get them Awww. also I'm not upset because you gave me backup blogs to read while I wait for yours. You are welcome, blogroll.

Dear Cassie,

˙ɹǝʇɹɐɯs ɥɔnɯ ʇɐɥʇ noʎ sǝʞɐɯ ʇsnɾ ʇɐɥʇ uǝɥʇ 'sʎɐs sıɥʇ ʇɐɥʍ ʇno ǝɹnƃıɟ uɐɔ noʎ ɟı oS ˙ɹǝʇʇǝl ʎɯ ɹoɟ ǝƃuǝllɐɥɔ ɐ ɟo ʇıq ɐ ʎoɾuǝ ʇɥƃıɯ noʎ ʇɥƃnoɥʇ I
Not only can I read it, I can do it too.
Anyway my dear, I miss you dearly and can not wait until we can spend more days together with your boys at the park. I realize it is not as unemotional and cynical as the letters Alicia may write, but I have a heart dammit and I'm not afraid to use it. Don't worry, upside down writing is almost as interesting as apathy and cynicism.
Cordially yours,

Dear Cassie, Don't worry this is the last one. Luckily my brother was out of town somewhere where they haven't invented the internet yet. Really, that's his only excuse.
I wish I could write upside down like Paloma see, I told you it was interesting. but alas I cannot. However, I firmly believe my hackin awesomeness can make up for the fact that I cannot write you an upside down letter. I would like to put in a request to be put into your blog. Please note: you are in the blog. I am clearly cooler than Paloma therefore you should write all about me. Writing about me would totally bring you more followers. Really? Trust me. Just do it. You'll see. Why does she sound like a drug dealer or pedophile? Anyways, I will be getting my permit soon which is very exciting. For you maybe, not so much for the other drivers on the road. When I get my license, I'm gonna hang out with you and your children all the time. Not unless they are giving out cars with those licenses these days. We should check with Obama and call it cars for permits. I'd totally take the test again. you won't be able to get rid of me. Well actually you probably will be but that's beside the point. It's just gonna be me and Paloma partying it up with you and your sons and your daughter! okay enough for now.
Love your pretty hackin awesome little sister,

Now if you think this is a long post, count your blessings I didn't put the comments following these posts. That last one had 39 comments. This is why friends and coworkers avoid our statuses like the plague.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear Someone

Dear Old Man,

The other day you came out of the house to tell me I should take my kids to the park instead of letting them "bother" people. Excuuuuse me?!? So now riding their scooters in their own neighborhood at 4 in the afternoon is "bothering" people? Let me tell you what bothers me...old men who can't mind their own business and have no job to go to at 4 in the afternoon and so feel the need to yell at me about it. It's not my fault someone decided to lay your butt off so they wouldn't have to deal with you. Go bother the people at unemployment and leave me and my kids alone.

Neighbor Who Would Be Happier Without You

Dear American Idol contestants,

This is the lamest season ever! The only thing worse than not picking any songs I like (or know) is picking ones I like and then butchering them by singing off key. Do better next week with the R&B or I'll really have to find something better to do with my time. And no one wants that.

Not Even Looking Up From My Book Anymore

Dear Jodi Picoult,

I know you pride yourself on your surprise endings but do they have to be cryptic as well? If you are really set on the ending, making the rest of the book a lot more boring would also work for me. That way, I'd be able to put it down before I get disappointed by the ending. At any rate, my mother thinks that you are sure to run out of diseases any day now so maybe this whole letter will be pointless.

Yours Truly
A Fan (Kind of)

Linking up with ShortMama for more letter fun.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Facebook Fantasies and Other Nonsense

So the other day when I was giddily enjoying the spring weather, I was also spending a lot of time in my car with the windows down and the radio on. I guess my family was enjoying it as well because it all started when Yolanda posted this to my page. "Flashback who's that, dancing to the latest." Now if you aren't in our inner circle, you might not know immediately that that is a song quote which is supposed to be followed by the next line of the song. Luckily Paloma jumped in with "I'm talking Square Biz to you Baby!" Twenty comments later, after we had a good laugh at one of my other sisters who thought this song said Real Love instead of Square Biz, we were busy posting these other quotes. "Why waste your time, you know you're gonna be mine..." "I came to get down, I came to get down..." and "I'm kind of buzzed and it's all because...". If you know the songs put it in the comments (and this does not refer to family members who already know the answers) You are obligated to join in since as my brother said, friends don't let friends sing alone. Anyway, this giddy facebook exchange led to an impromtu dinner party at my house. After which Paloma wrote "I love that this family can turn a facebook fantasy into reality. So in the spirit of giddy Wednesdays being better than rainy Mondays, I'm posting these songs....

Because this is what Real Love sounds like in a song.....

Cause since I love you, I'd take a bullet for you, not in the head but like in the leg or something...

Because to my family the nineties is apparently old school....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things Kids Say Thursday #6

I'm on the computer and the six year old comes up to me.

Six year old: Can I have a snack?

Me: Yeah, hold on a minute. I want to finish this before I lose my train of thought.

Six year old: Mom, the computer isn't going to run away.

Me: How do you know? I could've sworn I saw it's little feet moving.

Me: You can't just eat french fires, you have to eat meat too.

Four year old: That's my story, Four year old eats french fries.

Me: War games are not appropriate for six year olds.

Six year old: Does that include tug of war?

Four year old: (sees my pregnancy widget) HaHa, that baby looks funny!

Me: You like it?

Four year old: No! It has a tail!

Four year old: When I laugh, it makes me happy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What the Hell Wednesday...Or Not.

Well if you are here to read my weekly, complaining, rant courtesy of the Blue MonkeyButt Sisters, you're are going to be sadly disappointed. I am having a great day! The sun is shining, the high is going to be 65! I also heard that on Friday it is going to be sunny and 71 which since the boys will be off from school, makes it a perfect day for an outing. Also, yesterday afternoon, I noticed the lilies are growing in my yard. Signs of spring!!!!! Aren't I perky and annoying? I know, what the hell, right?

I am also very enthused about the baby suddenly. I think that nesting thing is upon me. I gave the hubby instructions on what to move and if I can get my sister in law to go with me, I think I'll be registering for some new gear this weekend. So super, super excited to see baby stuff around!! I know, I know, perky and annoying again, right? I'll try to tone it down.

I thought about doing a wishful Wednesday with Kelsey but I didn't think it would make a whole post but here goes anyway.
I wish I could win the lottery real soon and I would hope to ...... (the real question is would I continue working or quit my job.)
Since I don't work outside the I wouldn't quit. I would however buy a really big, really nice house and then hide as much money as I could from my husband, the spendthrift. BTW, my husband says this isn't a wish, it's his retirement plan. After all the money he's invested in the lotto, they owe him.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

In Which I am Maimed

Coming from a large family, we usually had to wait awhile before getting things. As a result I didn't get my first bicycle until I was ten or eleven. I didn't get to go pick out my bicycle, I think my father had some vague plan for surprising us. Anyway this is pretty close to the bike he came home with which only confirmed for me the fact that my parents have no idea who I am. See, I like pink, NOW. When I was ten, I was an ardent little feminist tomboy who wanted no part of anything pink because it was for girls and therefore must be inferior in some way to the stuff for boys. I wanted a cool mountain bike on which I could do tricks. This is not what I had envisioned. And really the actual bicycle I got was much worse than this. It had pink and white streamers, a white basket with plastic flowers on it, it was just all kinds of horrid. (Of course my parents probably thought it was the best bike in the shop and that they were giving their eldest child the best bike EVER, but I was completely ungrateful.) Anyway, if my parents had any thoughts about me riding this bike sedately in the park, I crushed those dreams into oblivion. First I used my bike as a bus to cart all my sisters on rides around the parking lot. This is before they had those laws about helmets so you can imagine a couple of girls careening around the lot with no helmets at high speeds (because what fun would it have been otherwise?) Anyway, despite my parents continually telling me that my bike was not supposed to be for passengers I continued to take them up sometimes two at a time. Of course for me as the driver this was still pretty tame. After all I wanted to do tricks. So I did no hands. I brought both my feet on to the left side of the bike and glided. I was pretty pleased with my skills....until the day I was showing off for one of the neighborhood kids and while doing one of my tricks careened directly into a parked car and went flying. Okay, so I wasn't maimed. But there was a lot of blood and it got infected and left a scar, so it definitely counts. P.S. I looked up the bicycle laws in NJ and part of the law states that "bicyclists should not drive the bicycle with feet removed from the pedals, or with both hands removed from the handlebars or practice any trick or fancy driving in the street. Limit passengers only to the number the bicycle is designed and equipped to carry." So either they heard about my antics and are now trying to ruin the fun of all the children of today or I was a rebel and a rule breaker and didn't even know it. Kids don't try this at home.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Special Day

Tomorrow is a very special day. What? You don't have the holiday marked off on your calendars? What is wrong with you people? Tomorrow is my birthday! So tomorrow I am getting my hair done and going out to dinner with the crazies that make up my family. Since I won't be blogging tomorrow, we have to celebrate today. What to do ... what to do.... Well, some people got the memo and sent presents. (I do accept belated gifts so don't despair.) I have two awards which I haven't posted up yet. I know I've been a very bad blog award recipient. But since tomorrow's my birthday, you can't get mad!!!

This happy award is from MamaO.
The usual rules for this award are to say 10 things which make me happy. Now being pregnant and hormonal (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.) this is my list. This is not a ranked list since it is subject to change at anytime.

1. Mexican food (especially Margaritas, *sigh*)
2. Italian food
3. Puerto Rican food
4. Hot Sandwiches
5. Steaks
6. Seafood
7. Chinese food
8. Cheesecake
9. White chocolate
10. Potato chips

Now this award is from Stephanie @ The Blue Zoo.
Now I'm supposed to tell you some things you don't know about me yet. Now, that all depends on how faithfully you have been reading my blog, doesn't it? It's almost like a test. Anyway, to take the pressure off me because it's my birthday, I stole some questions from

Mama M @ Five Crooked Halos.

How much time do you spend on the computer a day?
Well it all depends on the day, doesn't it? During the week I usually manage to carve out a full two hours for myself between dropping off the four year old and having to pick him up again. On the weekends, I rarely manage to get on the computer at all.

Will you pay for your children's college or raise them to pay their own way?
Hmph. I had to pay my own way and I'm still paying. Not fun. I would like to say that I will pay for everything but I will most likely encourage them to get scholarships and apply to state schools which will only cost me an arm or so. (as opposed to both arms and legs)

Have you ever been in a car accident?
I am not one of those people who have never gotten into an accident. The worst was a head on collision with a tractor trailer. It wasn't my fault. I slid on a sheet of ice and the truck was in my way.

What is you favorite book?
This is a tough one. I can easily read five books or so a week. This makes it hard to choose only one. I do have favorite authors whom I always pick up when I see a new one but I read across genres so there are more than one of those as well.
Dick Francis - mysteries and horse racing that take place in Britain
Nora Roberts - Ranges from contemporary romantic fiction to ghosts, vampires and witches
Mary Balogh - Historical romantic fiction
Catherine Anderson - Contemporary western romances
Elizabeth Peters - Historical mysteries about archaeology

Do you make your bed everyday?
Only when I can't trick my husband into doing it first.

Now that we've become closer friends, I'm sure you are feeling guilty for not getting me a present. It's okay, I also accept cash.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things Kids Say Thursday #5

So joining in on the Things Kids Say Thursdays. They might not necessarily be funny but they always make me smile. This is inspired by Mudpies for Mommy.

Six year old: (while feeling his hair) I think I need a haircut, it's as puffy as a cake.

Four year old:(feeling his hair) Not me! Mine's as flat as a pancake.

Four year old: Mom, is that a church?

Me: Yes

Six year old: Whose church is it?

Me: Do you mean what saint? It's St. Joseph's church.

Six year old: St Joseph! I know him!

Four year old: I think I am having a baby.

Me: No you're not. Only mommies can have babies.

Four year old: Yes I am. (Lifts up shirt) Look how big my stomach is.

Four year old and six year old are fighting over toy. I ask the four year old, what is this called anyway?

Four Year old: Super Why uses it to go Zap!

Me: Yes, I know but what does he call it?

Four year old: A zapper? (I found out later it's a Why Writer but kids will fight over anything even when they don't know what it is.)

Four year old: I'm sooo tired. I'm so upset of you.

Me: ????

Four year old: ZZZZZZZ

Six year old: You have to cut all this hair off.

Hubby: OK, I'll cut it all off and you can look bald like Charlie Brown.

Six year old: Charlie Brown isn't bald.

Four year old: Charlie Brown has a circle round head, sooo you can call him Circle roundhead Charlie Brown.

My husband was upset because he found out that his mom in Puerto Rico was in the hospital and had a mild heart attack. He was upset and had said something about her dying.

Six year old: Why are you so upset? It's no big deal if she dies.

Me: That isn't a nice thing to say.

Six year old:(puzzled face) But when you die, you live forever in heaven.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What the Hell Wednesday - Baby Names

Here's my weekly rant courtesy of the Blue MonkeyButt Sisters.

Generally, I don't mind people getting excited because I'm pregnant. I don't mind people knowing. (It's easier for them to give up their seats for me and get me food when they know I'm pregnant.) I don't even mind them touching the belly because sometimes the contortions the baby is doing in there are unbelievable. The free unwanted advice generally goes in one ear and out the other. (Pretty much if I don't already know about it, I don't want to know or I would've asked.) The thing that is my personal pet peeve is the name game. As soon as people find out that I know the sex, they right away want to get into what her name is going to be. Even if I already had a name picked out, I wouldn't tell anyone. Here's the reason...People love to spoil a perfectly good name. Say I picked Jennifer (never gonna happen) As soon as I told someone, I would hear some story about how they knew this bitch/slut/bully named Jennifer. WTH? Either that or it's oh my sister/aunt/best friend is named Jennifer! News flash... I have seven sisters, two brothers and my husband has five sisters and one brother. Between us, we pretty much have enough baggage connected with at least half the names in the phone book so we don't need anyone else's. Oh and making this face when I tell you the name is also not appropriate.

If I tell you the name it is because I want you to love it and tell me how brilliant I am. Obviously!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Mouse and the Stove

So since I recently had a scare where my husband "might" have seen a mouse in our home, it brought back all the traumatic mouse stories of my childhood. This is the best or most traumatic, whatever.

We lived in a home which had mouse troubles from time to time. I could blame this on the fact that my mother worked full time, my father never cleaned and there were six children living in the house at the time but it wasn't just us. Our whole building was infested and we had the joy of living on the first floor directly above the garbage collection room. We (our nine story building)had to throw our garbage down these little chutes where it magically disappeared. In reality it was collected in larger bags in the basement until garbage day. Anyway, on this particular evening my father caught a mouse in a clear vase where it was jumping up and down in an effort to get out while my father held a broom over it to keep it in. (Shudder) Anyway, this is where I have adopted my first fact of mouse life. There is never just one mouse. My parents, at least to me, expressed the thought that perhaps it was just the one and that would be it. Uh huh. Anyhow, two mornings later, I was innocently making french toast when a mouse ran across the kitchen, practically under my feet. (Shudder) Anyway, a chase ensued. The house is in complete uproar as my mother woke my father up to force him to deal with the mouse and at one point it was cornered behind a bookcase in the living room. Now for me, at this point breakfast is over. There is no way I could have eaten breakfast in the same kitchen after seeing a mouse practically run across my foot. I was also very upset with my parents in the vein of this is why we should have a cat. (My family's love/hate relationship with cats will have to be dealt with in a future post. Needless to say I fall on the love side of the line.) Moving on, I went to school. I return home that afternoon to find the super of the building searching the walls for an entry point. I inform them that it came out from under the stove. After a short time, he pulls out the stove. OMG. Behind the stove were, in addition to mouse droppings, a ginormous hole approximately 18-24 inches across. Here is where all the mice were coming in. Believe you me, there is no way only one mouse made that hole. (Small break while calming convulsions) Anyway, the super closed up the hole with steel wool, a great deal of Spackle and our family welcomed Winkie into the home.

So this story is why when my husband said he "might" have seen a mouse, I made him pull out the fridge and stove from the walls to check for droppings and openings. Nothing. Phew. So now I can sleep at nights.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

American Idol

Today's roundtable discussion is on American Idol. Here's my two cents.
What is the point of having four judges if they are all going to agree? My favorite moments on American Idol were when Randy is really feeling a contestant and then Simon tells him to watch it back on tape cause it was horrible. Or when someone really sucked lemons and then Paula was like, I love your dress. Doesn't she look wonderful? And especially when Randy said he doesn't get it and Simon blows everyone away by liking it. I think they have all been working together too long because lately it is just an echo chamber as all four judges say essentially the same thing over and over and over again. Boooooooring!
Now for my contestant picks. My favorite guys are Michael Lynche and ....Todderick Hall. He is totally getting robbed by the judges. Year after year they tell contestants to make the songs their own and when he does, they rip him a new hole. I liked his version of Since You Been Gone and loved loved loved his What's Love Got To Do With It. They keep telling him he's changing the songs around too much. Really, are you gonna tell me that Adam Lambert didn't play around with songs a lot more? Get real. Now of the girls, I thought they really sucked big time last week but this week I liked Paige Miles, Siobhan Magnus (you always gotta R-E-S-P-E-C-T someone who takes on Aretha and succeeds) and... Katie Stevens. She is another one totally getting a raw deal. She sings the song really well and they keep telling her to sing younger songs. I think it is ridiculous. No one told Siobhan she couldn't sing Aretha because she wasn't over 50, did they? And Crystal and Lilly have yet to sing a song from this decade, but nobody tells them anything, do they? I think if they are going to rag on younger singers so much for not singing teenybopper songs they shouldn't let them in the competition. I certainly don't want to hear teenybopper songs anyway. Anyway that's what I think this week. I reserve the right to dump any of these singers at any time if they start to stink up the place and someone else gets good.
Now Ryan, why are you trying to stir up pretend controversy? The first time with Ellen was funny, after that, not so much. Nobody believes you and I just want to hear the singers anyway. I'd rather watch Siobhan's lip exercises than speculate on Simon's love life. (Insert gagging here.)
So that's what I think. Put your two cents (or four, nobody's counting) in the comments. Visit here for OPV (other people's viewpoints) or don't (mine are better anyway.) LOL

What the Hell Wednesday

It is time for me to get my complaining on with the Blue Monkey Butt Sisters. Feel free to join in or just laugh at all the rest of us and our problems.

What the Hell is with my boys lately? This past week at bedtime, they have decided that to creep down the hall and peek at me in my room or through the banisters down the stairs is a cool game. First, I was "Get back in bed!" every time they did it. After the first fifty times or so, that got tired. So my new strategy was to ignore them, figuring that they would get bored and go back to bed. Except the six year old decided that since I wasn't responding that he should yell "Mom, the four year old is out of bed!" every. single. time. WTH? Don't ask me why they aren't tired. I am.

My husband informed me the other morning that he might have seen a mouse. WTH? What does he mean might? We have been living here over two years without any rodent infestation, thank you very much. The worst I have seen is some ants and a couple of spiders. I can live with that. I do not live with mice. EVER. Anyway, the hubby explained that he thought he saw something out the corner of his eye which he interpreted to be a mouse. WTH? So he spent the evening sealing everything in bags and covering everything with towels, just in case. It had better only be his old eyes failing on him and not a mouse because if I see one he might be living with a cat when he gets home. Seriously. I'm not kidding.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random Tuesday Questions

*Why is it that the sun comes out and people think that it is warm enough for shorts? It is only 46 degrees and I saw two people. in shorts. It's not that warm people!
*Why did I not know about the Starburst FaveReds pack before now? An entire pack of nothing but red flavors. No more trying to foist off the oranges on someone else!
*Why did I think I would be able to watch the first season of Dexter if I rented it? I borrowed it and discovered that I do not have 12 free hours with which to watch without the six year old and four year old around. So back it goes and I only saw three episodes. Fail!
*Why isn't Women's History commemorated with a day off? Or better yet, a week? I mean haven't we worked hard enough?
*Why do people ask you questions and then walk away before you answer them? This morning my husband says to me, why were you tossing and turning so much last night? And then leaves the room! Thanks for asking!
Linking up with the Bitchin' Wives Club for more Random Tuesday Thoughts.

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Sisters

So I have seven sisters. Anyhow two of them have been just dying to get in a blog post. Apparently, since MTV turned them down for Jersey Shore (neither of them being cheap or Italian) and Patti doesn't scout in Jersey to match her millionaires, you are their last chance at fifteen minutes of fame.

Pamela is ten years younger than me. (The only reason I know this is I count down the age gaps between family members until I get to her.) Since she is so much younger than me I spent a good part of my childhood taking care of my little sister. Her first word was my name instead of mama or dada. I have combed her hair, fed her, clothed her, bandaged her boo-boos and otherwise took care of her until I entered my selfish phase and went to college. Today, Pamela is one of my kids' favorite baby sitters since she is not above acting like a six year old. A couple of weeks ago she helped me out taking the boys to the Science museum which had a dinosaur exhibit complete with a live reptile show. (Of course we all agreed that the one we had at the six year old's birthday party was better. They did not have an alligator and their boa constrictor was lame compared to our snake.) Anyway, the day ended in the souvenir shop where I refused to part with a dime on their overpriced merchandise. Of course being the indulgent auntie that she is, she went ahead and bought the six year old a glow-in-the-dark solar system which he claims to have wanted all his life. The four year old went away with a stuffed green bear which he gave the incredibly creative name of Beary.

Paloma is something like fourteen years younger than me. (BTW, I think this makes her eleven since there is no way that I am older than twenty five.) I probably remember Paloma's delivery the best since it was one of my mom's only c-sections. Her umbilical cord was apparently wrapped around her neck. Although I also remember the time my mom told my dad she was going into labor and he asked if he could finish watching his tv show first. I think this was for Pamela but I couldn't swear to it. I guess after the first five or so the urgency was gone. Anyway, Paloma is one of my only little sisters who is still littler than me. Apparently all the tall genes skipped me and her. Anyway, like Paloma we didn't have much in common with each other growing up since I was doing the cooking and she was doing the eating. Now, however, she is in college and is also the keeper of Rock Band game. So when we all have a day off, we hang out in her apartment and annoy the other college kids with our good time. (Yes, we are adults who love to sing and play fake instruments. What of it? Pat Benatar would totally recruit us if she heard our rendition of Love is a Battlefield. Well...she would if she were tone deaf and loved us very much.)
So thank you both for being there and entertaining the boys when I no longer have the energy. Also, I am having a baby towards the end of June so I'll need you to get back to me with your schedules because I plan to be exhausted. :)