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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

American Idol

Today's roundtable discussion is on American Idol. Here's my two cents.
What is the point of having four judges if they are all going to agree? My favorite moments on American Idol were when Randy is really feeling a contestant and then Simon tells him to watch it back on tape cause it was horrible. Or when someone really sucked lemons and then Paula was like, I love your dress. Doesn't she look wonderful? And especially when Randy said he doesn't get it and Simon blows everyone away by liking it. I think they have all been working together too long because lately it is just an echo chamber as all four judges say essentially the same thing over and over and over again. Boooooooring!
Now for my contestant picks. My favorite guys are Michael Lynche and ....Todderick Hall. He is totally getting robbed by the judges. Year after year they tell contestants to make the songs their own and when he does, they rip him a new hole. I liked his version of Since You Been Gone and loved loved loved his What's Love Got To Do With It. They keep telling him he's changing the songs around too much. Really, are you gonna tell me that Adam Lambert didn't play around with songs a lot more? Get real. Now of the girls, I thought they really sucked big time last week but this week I liked Paige Miles, Siobhan Magnus (you always gotta R-E-S-P-E-C-T someone who takes on Aretha and succeeds) and... Katie Stevens. She is another one totally getting a raw deal. She sings the song really well and they keep telling her to sing younger songs. I think it is ridiculous. No one told Siobhan she couldn't sing Aretha because she wasn't over 50, did they? And Crystal and Lilly have yet to sing a song from this decade, but nobody tells them anything, do they? I think if they are going to rag on younger singers so much for not singing teenybopper songs they shouldn't let them in the competition. I certainly don't want to hear teenybopper songs anyway. Anyway that's what I think this week. I reserve the right to dump any of these singers at any time if they start to stink up the place and someone else gets good.
Now Ryan, why are you trying to stir up pretend controversy? The first time with Ellen was funny, after that, not so much. Nobody believes you and I just want to hear the singers anyway. I'd rather watch Siobhan's lip exercises than speculate on Simon's love life. (Insert gagging here.)
So that's what I think. Put your two cents (or four, nobody's counting) in the comments. Visit here for OPV (other people's viewpoints) or don't (mine are better anyway.) LOL


Lisa Anne said...

I have not been watching it. I usually don't watch it till close to the end. Weed out the bad people. I heard Ellen is a joke and not even funny. She has no input either. I also heard that a girl was really sicka nd they had to re-arrange everything. Seems like the shows reached it's tipping point.

obladi oblada said...

I know!!! Im confused about their advice to "stop changing the songs". ?????? Isnt that what all the highly praised idols have done? Isnt that why David Cook won, and Adam Lambert was held in high regard? So....why they are telling Toddrick NOT to do completely confusing to me, and Im sure he is completely baffled.

I really liked his "whats love got to do with it", maybe because I love me some Tina anyway, but I thought he did a great job with it.

I dont care too much yet for the litte Alex guy with the accousitc guitar that they think is so special.

My faves for the guys are Michael Lynch, and Lee (the rocker guy, thats his name right?). I want Toddrick to stick around because I do think he is good and has a lot to offer. John Park can go home right now, however. I like Casey because he is talented (and beautiful).

Siobhan, Paige, and Crystal are my fave from the girls. Siobhan more so than the rest.

And I love Simon. Always have, always will. When he is gone, Im afraid the show is over for me.

MiMi said...

I know! I've actually been watching this season and I totall remember why I stopped watching years ago! Same crap!
Also, yeah, CHANGE it up, MAKE IT YOUR OWN, WAIT!! You changed it up and it sucked.
Don't do a carbon copy of the song. That's whack. But wait. Next week, do a carbon copy of the song. HUH?!

Angie's Junk said...

I do think the judges don't make sense this year. The Aretha song and Katie Stevens thing is one instance, and then say change it up and then tell someone it was too changed up? What the heck?

gamommy2two said...

I totally agree with you about Todderick Hall. He's getting robbed. He's done a really good job and just gotten ripped each and every time by the stupid judges.

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

I heard Crystal's medical situation was related to her diabetes and was quite a scare. The competition would be in major trouble without her. There are way more uninteresting people than interesting! Ellen better pick her game up, since the contestants aren't!!!

Anne said...

I have to admit, I don't watch Idol. We tried watching last year because my daughter's class was talking about it all the time, but just found it boring. It sounds like it has gone downhill from there.

shortmama said...

Its been years since Ive watched AI! Im so out of the loop!

yonca said...

I do watch American Idol. Actually it was more fun last year. I love Ellen but I don't know what happend to her in this show.When Simon is gone, I'm afraid it will turn out to be BORING!