Friday, January 29, 2010

January Blahs

I don't know if it is the January Blahs or if I'm just feeling depressed and in the dumps but I have been so unmotivated lately. I take the kids to school in the morning and it is all I can do to stay out of bed. This has resulted in the loss of a window shade that the four year old decided to cut apart while I wasn't looking but no other noticeable damage. I am so unmotivated that I haven't managed to get to the library to get new books and that is saying something. Well I am going to see my sisters later this evening and hopefully they can help me kick my butt into gear so that I can live up to this blog.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Funny Things on Facebook

The names have been changed in this post to protect the not so innocent.

So I have a cousin who we'll call Shelly and basically her hobby is to become a fan of pretty much anything. So if I am ever bored or trying very hard to ignore the laundry I check out her page for amusement. Here are just some of the pages she has become a fan of lately. (and when I say lately, I mean today)
*For those who have experienced the pain of stepping on a lego
*I hate the one little thing that just ruins your whole day
*tripping in public and walking it off pretending like it didn't happen
*Laughing in a serious situation & trying to cover it up with a coughing fit
*I've ran into a wall at least once in my life
*I've always wanted to spin round in a chair & say "I've been expecting you."
*If you've ever pushed a door that said pull
*The problem with life is there is no background music.
*I really don't care how many calories it has, I'm hungry.
*I eat food while I'm waiting for my food to cook.
*Screaming at characters in movies to do something.
*When I was younger, I put my face close to the fan to hear my robot voice.
*Getting angry at an object because you tripped on it
*Remember when Math was actually numbers?
*My bed is more comfy in the morning than it is at night.
*My lips are chapped only when I can't find my chapstick
*Stealing 3D glasses from the movies
*Wipe off some of your three inches of makeup, it's not cute.
*If I didn't answer the phone the 1st time, or the 8th time, stop calling!
*Saying hello to random strangers
*Feeling like if you turn on all the lights, you will be safe from anything
*Walking the wrong way on escalators
*why can't my shampoo and conditioner run out at the same time?
*throwing something away and finding out that you need it months later.
*P.E. teachers shouldn't be fat
*I need more sleep
*Putting on warm clothes straight from the dryer

Okay that's all that I can bear to type for now. Anyhow that last one sounded strangely like a hint to get back to the laundry. I would join almost all of these but I am incredibly lazy.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Conversation in Ruby Tuesdays

Well yesterday when the power went out, we went to Ruby Tuesdays so we could A. watch the end of the football game, B. Get something to eat without maiming myself by cooking in the dark and C. go to the bathroom (since I couldn't find a flashlight, my bathrooms have no windows and are therefore completely dark without electricity and the kids are scared of the dark. ) Anyway, while there we ran into my cousin Tony. He apparently hangs out at Ruby Tuesdays to study since they let him eat all day from the salad bar. (He's in dental school) Anyway here is how the conversation went between him and the six year old.

T: How much is 100 plus 100?
6 year old: 200
T: How much is 200 plus 300?
6 year old: 5...hundred?
T: Yeah. Okay, if you know this one, I'm going to give you a crisp dollar bill. How much is 500 plus 500?
6 year old: 500 and 2
T: No! okay how about you spell something for the dollar?
6 year old: How about mom?
T: No that's too easy.
6 year old: How about dad?
T: No.
6 year old:How about Subway?
T: No because if you're telling me the word, that means you already know how to spell it.
6 year old: How about NFL?
T: How about NO?
6 year old: Okay N-O.
T: Hey, you tricked me!
Laughter and Giggles all around

And that's how the six year old tricked my cousin out of a dollar.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It Sucks When the Power Goes Out

It sucks when the power goes out. It sucks worse when you are in the middle of an AFC championship game. It sucks when the power goes out, you're watching the football game and you have guests over. It sucks when the power goes out and you haven't the foggiest clue where the flashlight is. It sucks when the power goes out and it's after dark and the six year old is afraid of the dark and refuses to use the bathroom. It sucks when the power goes out, you come home after dinner where you went to watch the game and use the bathroom and the power is still out so you have to give baths by candlelight. Well it was an experience anyway. Never take electricity for granted.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's For Dinner

So yesterday the hubby and I get into a loud argument in which he complains that he doesn't like what we are having for dinner and wants me to never make it again. So I get ticked off. I tell him that it isn't fair that I can't eat things I like just because he is too much of a baby to eat it himself. So far his list of things he doesn't want to eat for dinner are chili, roast beef, tacos, beef stir fry, meatloaf, chicken pot pie and baked ziti.
I get sick of eating the same thing all the time and like to mix in other things even if they aren't his "favorites" and he isn't a child that I should have to cater every meal around him. What do you think? Am I totally off base here or should he suck it up and eat what I want occasionally?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ice Skating

So the last couple of weekends, we have been attempting ice skating. Allow me to mention here that the husband has claimed to be afraid to come with us fearing a broken leg which would render him unable to work and of the boys getting concussions resulting in large hospital bills. I only believe half of this statement, I'll leave you to guess which half. Anyway the boys were all for this, sports loving, never stop moving children that I have. So off we went. Now I think the six year old envisioned his first day of skating would
go something like this...

In reality it was a little more like this...

My sons were not daunted and tried again this weekend. I was able to bring reinforcements this weekend and by reinforcements I mean three of my sisters. This was so we could divide the help among the two boys and also in the hope that they would be of more help to the boys since my main response to them falling was letting go of their hand and letting them fall. (Hey pregnant ladies don't have the greatest balance and I was afraid they would pull me down with them!) Anyway, it was still slow going especially since my boys have stubborn, independent little souls (especially the six year old) and generally resisted well meaning advice and helping hands. They live by the mantra of they can do it themselves which works well on solid ground and not so well on ice. At any rate no one was traumatized, no bones were broken and we will probably live to skate again. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


So I went to the Doctor for an ultrasound today. According to the size of the baby, they set my new due date as June 27. They also said that it's a girl! Everyone (My husband and extended family) are pretty excited since it will be my first girl. The six year old however does not think it will be so good since now there will be pink stuff in the room. Anyway, the ultrasound also revealed that I have placenta previa. They said not to worry since it might fix itself over time but not to lift anything heavy since I will be prone to bleeding until it does. I didn't have this problem with either of my previous pregnancies so telling me that is of no use. I've also decided that "heavy" is relative and therefore I shouldn't lift anything heavy, like say the broom, the dishes, the laundry, you know for the baby. I don't want to be accused of accidently disobeying Doctor's orders...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What the Hell Wednesday - Facebook

What the hell is wrong with my computer?!? It is driving me up the wall. It is totally my husband's fault since he has been hogging the computer in the evenings making ridiculous comments and taking pictures to post of everything from the newspaper and tv and his pants on the ground. Where was I? Oh yeah, since he has been using the computer so much I have been reduced to trying to post everything during the day between taking the kids to school, doing my housework, picking the kids up and the hundreds of other errands I have to do. This has made for the sharp decline in my posting level. I got the man a Blackberry for Christmas, you think he would restrict himself to that but no, he has started to use the two of them simultaneously. Very Annoying. Anyway I wrote a post for this and tried to schedule it but for some reason I can't get my posts to post on schedule, so you just have to read it today.

What the hell is with schools giving my son homework projects where I have to do more than he does? The four year old's school is studying different countries of the world and decided to start with the different countries the kids come from. So he has to find, bring in something to represent his culture. So I suggest the flag and they say, that's great but maybe you could make something for the kids to eat at snack? Notice how they phrase it as a question as they demand I get up even earlier in the morning and cook for them. Anyway, so I agree to make tostones which are fried plantains figuring that would be pretty quick as you basically only have to slice them up and fry them. They say, that would be great, can you type up the recipe so they can display it. Wonderful. Any more work you want to give me? I would like to know what the four year old is now contributing towards this project. (Crickets)

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Littlest Angel

So did you think Christmas was over? Ha! That's what you thought. Today the four year old's school did their Christmas pagent. My son was the Littlest Angel. He made a great littlest angel since he hardly ever stood still, jumped up and down and waved to me when he saw me in the crowd and kept moving around his halo. He also refused to stand still for pictures, so this is the best that I've got. However he very enthusuastically rang the bell to announce the birth of Jesus.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Story of The Six Year Old and Mr Hyde

Once upon a time there was a six year old who didn't get enough sleep. He went to school on Monday came home cranky, took a nap in the afternoon and stayed up too late. He went to school on Tuesday, came home, took a nap in the afternoon and claimed not to be tired at 10:00pm. He went to school on Wednesday, came home did his homework and became Mr. Hyde right around dinnertime. I was preparing dinner and he was have a screaming, yelling, jumping up and down, throw himself on the floor, terrible two tantrum because I wasn't doing a craft with him. (I probably wouldn't have done the craft anyway since I hate crafts but this time I had a legitimate excuse as I was COOKING DINNER!) Anyway, the hubby walks in on this rampage and informs the six year old that since our children don't behave like screaming gorillas (his words not mine) he must have been switched at birth. He proceeded to pretend call the hospital to tell them they made a terrible mistake. The six year old was not amused. At dinner, I informed Mr. Hyde that since he was misbehaving and telling us how he hates us and wishes he could make us disappear among other lovely thoughts which crossed his mind, he was no longer allowed to play his Nintendo DS for the rest of the week. Mr Hyde was never seen again.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to the Grind

So today was the first day back at school for the six year old. The four year old still has a couple of days. Oh the joy of rousing children out of bed at 6 am when they don't want to get up! So I finally get everyone out of the house and into the artic wind that was this morning. (19 degrees, enough said) The four year old and I took a nice long nap this morning so we were refreshed when it was time to pick up the six year old. He, however, was a cranky whiney mess. I tried to get him to sit down and do homework but he wasn't having any part of it. Finally he storms upstairs and says, I'm going to my room! I give him a few minutes to cool off and then follow him up there to find him fast asleep on his bed. He was also not happy when I woke him up an hour later for dinner. He was still cranky and I'm sure he was hungry. After dinner and a bath we attempted the homework again. It still took the threat of no dessert to get him started. Now he is supposed to be in bed blissfully catching up on all that sleep but instead I hear him tossing turning and walking around the room. I have a sneaking suspicion that I am going to find him in bed playing his brand new Nintendo DS Santa gave him. I knew that thing was going to be trouble.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's and Non-Resolutions

So what is it about the beginning of the year that makes people feel they have to change everything? What if I had a fantastic 2009 and don't want to change a thing? So instead of making resolutions, I am making a list of things I am not changing.

  1. My diet. I am pregnant and under doctor's orders to gain 25-30 pounds over the next five and a half months. So that means, I am pretty much going to eat whatever I please and can manage not to barf up afterwards.

  2. My habits. Some might think it is a bad habit to spend a good chunk of the day while the husband is at work and the kids are at school on the blog but I consider it time well spend and have no intention of breaking the habit. I am also going to continue reading every book I get my hands on.

  3. My love life. Yeah it is pretty good the way it is.
  4. My job. For the most part being a stay at home is the best job. Other than my husband whom I'd have to deal with anyway, I've got no boss breathing down my neck telling me what to do and when to do it. I also don't have to deal with snarky comments from said boss when my kids are sick and I need to take a day. Also, I don't have to get dressed up if I don't want and I can wear whatever color or style I like. (I personally haven't had to deal with it, but I have heard about coworkers and bosses making comments about the height of necklines and hemlines and dress codes etc. etc. )

Anyway, I hope you start your New Year with at least a couple of things you have no intention of changing instead of resolving to change your whole life.