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Monday, January 25, 2010

A Conversation in Ruby Tuesdays

Well yesterday when the power went out, we went to Ruby Tuesdays so we could A. watch the end of the football game, B. Get something to eat without maiming myself by cooking in the dark and C. go to the bathroom (since I couldn't find a flashlight, my bathrooms have no windows and are therefore completely dark without electricity and the kids are scared of the dark. ) Anyway, while there we ran into my cousin Tony. He apparently hangs out at Ruby Tuesdays to study since they let him eat all day from the salad bar. (He's in dental school) Anyway here is how the conversation went between him and the six year old.

T: How much is 100 plus 100?
6 year old: 200
T: How much is 200 plus 300?
6 year old: 5...hundred?
T: Yeah. Okay, if you know this one, I'm going to give you a crisp dollar bill. How much is 500 plus 500?
6 year old: 500 and 2
T: No! okay how about you spell something for the dollar?
6 year old: How about mom?
T: No that's too easy.
6 year old: How about dad?
T: No.
6 year old:How about Subway?
T: No because if you're telling me the word, that means you already know how to spell it.
6 year old: How about NFL?
T: How about NO?
6 year old: Okay N-O.
T: Hey, you tricked me!
Laughter and Giggles all around

And that's how the six year old tricked my cousin out of a dollar.


MiMi said...

Ha! N-O!

The Blue Zoo said...

Ha! Smart kid.

shortmama said...

He is brilliant!!

mama-face said...

Awesome. Awesome.

Does everyone have a cousin Tony? Who hangs out at Ruby Tuesdays? jk.


J.J. said...

that is pretty funny. Perhaps your 6 year old will someday use his skills for good and not evil. Not that taking a dollar from a family member is evil by any means :) Good for him!!!

Anne said...

I hope the power came back! I love how your cousin spends the day at Ruby Tuesday. That is genius! Since he eats all day from the salad bar he can spare the dollar :).

Unknown Mami said...

Nicely done!