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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What the Hell Wednesday - Facebook

What the hell is wrong with my computer?!? It is driving me up the wall. It is totally my husband's fault since he has been hogging the computer in the evenings making ridiculous comments and taking pictures to post of everything from the newspaper and tv and his pants on the ground. Where was I? Oh yeah, since he has been using the computer so much I have been reduced to trying to post everything during the day between taking the kids to school, doing my housework, picking the kids up and the hundreds of other errands I have to do. This has made for the sharp decline in my posting level. I got the man a Blackberry for Christmas, you think he would restrict himself to that but no, he has started to use the two of them simultaneously. Very Annoying. Anyway I wrote a post for this and tried to schedule it but for some reason I can't get my posts to post on schedule, so you just have to read it today.

What the hell is with schools giving my son homework projects where I have to do more than he does? The four year old's school is studying different countries of the world and decided to start with the different countries the kids come from. So he has to find, bring in something to represent his culture. So I suggest the flag and they say, that's great but maybe you could make something for the kids to eat at snack? Notice how they phrase it as a question as they demand I get up even earlier in the morning and cook for them. Anyway, so I agree to make tostones which are fried plantains figuring that would be pretty quick as you basically only have to slice them up and fry them. They say, that would be great, can you type up the recipe so they can display it. Wonderful. Any more work you want to give me? I would like to know what the four year old is now contributing towards this project. (Crickets)


The Blue Zoo said...

Geez. That seems a bit much for 4 yr olds! Oh well. I guess it's good practice for you - you know for when they get older and the projects get harder. lol =)

MiMi said...

It's ridiculous, isn't it?

Ed Adams said...

Hubs probably picked up a virus from looking at porn.

I hate when the school send stuff home for ME to do. Dang it, I already served my time.

mama-face said...

ha. Last year my boy brought home a paper doll to dress up as a native of the country they were to report on. Gah. He'd chosen NEPAL-do you know how hard that was to make it interesting? And the other paper dolls blew mine out of the water.


shortmama said...

We arent allowed to bring anything homemade into our kids classrooms lol. Everything has to be store bought and on the approved list so Id be safe on this one!