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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Funny Things on Facebook

The names have been changed in this post to protect the not so innocent.

So I have a cousin who we'll call Shelly and basically her hobby is to become a fan of pretty much anything. So if I am ever bored or trying very hard to ignore the laundry I check out her page for amusement. Here are just some of the pages she has become a fan of lately. (and when I say lately, I mean today)
*For those who have experienced the pain of stepping on a lego
*I hate the one little thing that just ruins your whole day
*tripping in public and walking it off pretending like it didn't happen
*Laughing in a serious situation & trying to cover it up with a coughing fit
*I've ran into a wall at least once in my life
*I've always wanted to spin round in a chair & say "I've been expecting you."
*If you've ever pushed a door that said pull
*The problem with life is there is no background music.
*I really don't care how many calories it has, I'm hungry.
*I eat food while I'm waiting for my food to cook.
*Screaming at characters in movies to do something.
*When I was younger, I put my face close to the fan to hear my robot voice.
*Getting angry at an object because you tripped on it
*Remember when Math was actually numbers?
*My bed is more comfy in the morning than it is at night.
*My lips are chapped only when I can't find my chapstick
*Stealing 3D glasses from the movies
*Wipe off some of your three inches of makeup, it's not cute.
*If I didn't answer the phone the 1st time, or the 8th time, stop calling!
*Saying hello to random strangers
*Feeling like if you turn on all the lights, you will be safe from anything
*Walking the wrong way on escalators
*why can't my shampoo and conditioner run out at the same time?
*throwing something away and finding out that you need it months later.
*P.E. teachers shouldn't be fat
*I need more sleep
*Putting on warm clothes straight from the dryer

Okay that's all that I can bear to type for now. Anyhow that last one sounded strangely like a hint to get back to the laundry. I would join almost all of these but I am incredibly lazy.


MiMi said...

That is awesome! My SIL became a fan of "Yelling at the car in front of you that's going too slow!"
Hey, I tried to find you on FB...?

shortmama said...

Oh good lord...she needs more to do!

mama-face said...

Ha. My cute little niece is a fan of everything. There is actually a real fan page for that. BIG surprise.

I had to laugh that I read that entire list...and that that is so true about your bed. Or my bed. It is so much more comfie in the morning.

Something to think about. Thank you and thank you to fb.

mama-face said...

OH yeah, I am so going to be a fan of a bunch of these.

Stacy said...

I do the same thing! Actually I'm a fan of the stepping on the lego, it really hurts! I love becoming a fan of stupid shit. What else do I have to do? I don't have a life and I have a husband and two kids!

The Blue Zoo said...

Those are hilarious! And I agree PE teaches should NOT be fat!!

Unknown Mami said...

These cracked me up, but I don't think I'll join.

Tracie said...

Obviously, she needs a blog. :)

Anonymous said...

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