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Monday, March 1, 2010

My Sisters

So I have seven sisters. Anyhow two of them have been just dying to get in a blog post. Apparently, since MTV turned them down for Jersey Shore (neither of them being cheap or Italian) and Patti doesn't scout in Jersey to match her millionaires, you are their last chance at fifteen minutes of fame.

Pamela is ten years younger than me. (The only reason I know this is I count down the age gaps between family members until I get to her.) Since she is so much younger than me I spent a good part of my childhood taking care of my little sister. Her first word was my name instead of mama or dada. I have combed her hair, fed her, clothed her, bandaged her boo-boos and otherwise took care of her until I entered my selfish phase and went to college. Today, Pamela is one of my kids' favorite baby sitters since she is not above acting like a six year old. A couple of weeks ago she helped me out taking the boys to the Science museum which had a dinosaur exhibit complete with a live reptile show. (Of course we all agreed that the one we had at the six year old's birthday party was better. They did not have an alligator and their boa constrictor was lame compared to our snake.) Anyway, the day ended in the souvenir shop where I refused to part with a dime on their overpriced merchandise. Of course being the indulgent auntie that she is, she went ahead and bought the six year old a glow-in-the-dark solar system which he claims to have wanted all his life. The four year old went away with a stuffed green bear which he gave the incredibly creative name of Beary.

Paloma is something like fourteen years younger than me. (BTW, I think this makes her eleven since there is no way that I am older than twenty five.) I probably remember Paloma's delivery the best since it was one of my mom's only c-sections. Her umbilical cord was apparently wrapped around her neck. Although I also remember the time my mom told my dad she was going into labor and he asked if he could finish watching his tv show first. I think this was for Pamela but I couldn't swear to it. I guess after the first five or so the urgency was gone. Anyway, Paloma is one of my only little sisters who is still littler than me. Apparently all the tall genes skipped me and her. Anyway, like Paloma we didn't have much in common with each other growing up since I was doing the cooking and she was doing the eating. Now, however, she is in college and is also the keeper of Rock Band game. So when we all have a day off, we hang out in her apartment and annoy the other college kids with our good time. (Yes, we are adults who love to sing and play fake instruments. What of it? Pat Benatar would totally recruit us if she heard our rendition of Love is a Battlefield. Well...she would if she were tone deaf and loved us very much.)
So thank you both for being there and entertaining the boys when I no longer have the energy. Also, I am having a baby towards the end of June so I'll need you to get back to me with your schedules because I plan to be exhausted. :)


MiMi said...

Omagosh, you don't have any brothers then? You have a lot of sisters!! I don't know how you survived living with that many girls.
Well, anyway, they are goregous! And famous in Oregon now!

Anonymous said...

And now the rest of us are jealous. Love, your nameless, faceless BROTHER!

Paloma said...

I MADE THE BLOG!! ha ha! and no i am not ashamed about the way I went about it!!! ♥

The Blue Zoo said...

Hahaahaha! That craked me up that your dad wanted to finish watching TV!

Your sisters sound awesome!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Love this post. Cute sister's! Are you all P names??

Anne said...

Wow, as an only child, I find the idea of 7 sister amazing. With 7, you should be able to schedule helpers with the new baby for practically the first year. Start the sign up sheey now.