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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tiger, Tiger Woods, y'all

I was over at the Princess of Sarcasm and discovered a heated discussion on Tiger Woods and his total lack of moral fiber. Now always one to have two cents to throw in (or fifty two) I decided to link up.
Now if you didn't watch the press conference, feel free to head here and do so...or not. I mean if you've seen one cheating bastard apologize, pretty much you've seen them all. Pretty much he apologizes for being a selfish, irresponsible prick who used and abused his wealth, fame and position. Personally, I could have cared less. Really does anybody care if he was really sorry or not? In my opinion, once a cheater, always a cheater. Either you are a person who takes his marital vows seriously (i.e. means what he says) or you are a liar and a cheater. Not only that I am sick to death of this "everybody makes mistakes" attitude. If it is okay with you to live with someone knowing that they may or may not be faithful to you than fine. You live with that kind of uncertainty(and possibility of disease) in your life. I believe in fidelity. If it were me, I'd have kicked his lying, cheating ass to the curb from the start. (Now Elin, if you have plans to take all his money and then leave him, I'm okay with that too.)
As for his golfing career, as long as he continues to hit the little ball into the hole (something he apparently knows quite a bit about), there will always be someone willing to sponsor him. (Trojans, Tiger is waiting for your call.) Likewise, I don't expect all those companies which dropped him like a hot potato since the story broke to rush back anytime soon.
I say let Tiger worry about Tiger's future so the rest of us can get back to real life.
Now if you're on Facebook you could join the page "Tiger Woods isn't a tiger, he's a cheetah!" or "I support Tiger Woods and his pimping ways." Think about it.


MiMi said...

Girl, first, if you are on FB, you gotta send me a friend request, cuz I love you.
Second, Tiger is a douche bag. Big time. His "apology" was lameballs. He was sorry he got caught.
NOW, are you watching the soundbites on TV about the healthcare forum?? Grrrr.

Chief said...


I am laughing to tears.

I was reading through the first of the post and missed the word MORAL in your moral fiber and thought you meant that Tiger needed more fiber.

Then I laughed even harder when I realized he did act a little constipated!


The Blue Zoo said...

Im with you! He is so not sorry. He's just sorry he got caught! I really think his wife should take it all.

Lisa Anne said...

Tiger is a PIMP! COme on his wife had to know something a lot sooner then she thought. I think she is lame for sticking with him and trying to make it workout. Doesn't she know, once a cheater always a cheater. LOL.

It's sad becuase it make women think, if Tiger can do then any man can do it. Don't believe it ladies, there still are good men out there.

Anne said...

I am not defending him, but I think it is hard to relate. For his entire life, he was told that he can do no wrong and was never told no. I think he believed he was indestructible and could do anything he wanted. Now, someone is finally telling him that something he did was wrong so he is realizing he did something he shouldn't (all the money he lost didn't hurt either).


he is a piece of crap end of story