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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What the Hell, Again?!?!

Apparently while I wasn't looking, someone picked up my little town in NJ and moved it to Bumblefuck or Hicksville, somewhere in the boonies anyway. I say this because THE DAMN POWER WENT OUT IN MY HOUSE AGAIN!! Now much as I love the Third World, I do not want to live there. I pay an astronomical amount of money to PSE&G because I expect the lights to go on when I want them to. Also, when I am in the middle of preparing dinner is a damn inconvenient time for the power to go out. Now because I am not a fan of burning myself or the food, I was unable to comply with my husband's desire to cook by flashlight. What the Hell, right? I sent his lazy ass for Chinese food. Lucky for PSE&G the power came on BEFORE American Idol otherwise they would be dealing with a seriously pissed pregnant lady.

Now why the hell didn't I become a weather forecaster? I swear they get up there and guess completely while in reality having no friggin clue. Yesterday, the forecast was a mix of snow and rain every damn day this week. Today it has become some rain then clearing in preparation for a monster nor'easter. So yesterday it was going to be too warm for snow and today it is going to be cold enough for a buttload of snow. Riiiiiight. See I think this is really a diabolical plot designed to get me excited about the possibility of a snow day on Friday which will come with rain to crush my dreams on Friday. (I can't help it if I have lame dreams about not having to get dressed and drive kids around all day.)

Well those are my complaints for the week. Check out the Blue Monkey
Butt sisters for more.


Elle said...

That sucks about losing power. At least they had power at the Chinese restaurant. We're supposed to get that big storm and I'm not looking forward to shoveling all that snow all by myself.

Thanks for playing. I sent you an email :)

Anne said...

I can't stand when the power goes out. A few years ago, our power company was trying to get permission to put in these major power lines and it used to go out all the time. We still lose power more than I think we should, but at least it isn't every other week anymore.

Somehow, it sounds like that storm is going to miss us but I am ok with that. I am getting very tired of snow days.

mama-face said...

Whoa, those are some complaints. Haha. I love that you want snow just so you won't have to run errands. I do the same thing.

Cook your dinner by flashlight. Like shine the flashlight down on the food and hope it heats up enough? (jk)

As much as you love the third

MiMi said...

There's a lot of whining when the power goes out at our house. And the kids don't like it either.

The Blue Zoo said...

Why does the power always have to go out at night? Right when you need light the most?

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I agree about weather dudes. They need to just say, it will be whatever it will be tomorrow. They said snow in Houston, no snow!

Tracie said...

The only way I could cook by flashlight is if my microwave ran on batteries. The weather sucks here today. We are expecting another stupid snowstorm.

Stacy said...

I hate losing power! We lost it during the big ice storm in New England in 12/08. And we didn't get it back for 4 days! I can't stand losing power for an hour!

Thanks for joining us today!

Anonymous said...
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