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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What the Hell Anonymous?

So that Anonymous weirdo has been very busy leaving cryptic comments on my blog. Now this comment Anonymous said... asked for information about solar panels. Assuming I was a person who knew about that (which I'm not) don't you think you should email me the question or leave information so someone could get back to you with your answer?
I am the kind of hombre who passions to seek recent things. Right now I'm building my personal pv panels. I am doing it all alone without the aid of my men. I'm utilizing the net as the only way to acheive that. I came across a truly amazing website which explains how to create solar panels and wind generators. The place explains all the steps needed for solar panel construction.I am not sure about how accurate the info given there is. If some guys over here who had xp with these works can have a peak and give your feedback in the page it will be awesome and I would highly value it, because I truly would love to try solar panel construction.Tnx for reading this. You guys are the best.
WTH? No one is gonna get back to you even though I know we are the best. Sorry weirdo.
Then yesterday Anonymous leaves this as a comment.
Because I'm anal like that I rush over to google translate because I need to know if I'm being insulted in Chinese or what. Here's the translation:
Love is not a charity should not be arbitrarily charity.
WTH? Yeah that had nothing to do with my blog post, moron. Bad enough you leave spam on my blog but now you are doing it in foreign languages?
I would love to know the person who gets these comments and is like, yeah cool, thanks Anonymous. I guess it is the same person who is grateful for the email offering penile implants.
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Ed Adams said...

Here here.

Them guys kill me with that crap.

Does that EVER actually work?

MiMi said...

Yeah, I think it's some sort of they don't even come to the site, they just somehow plant that crap. I think.

Tracie said...

I get lots of spam too. I don't bother with Google translate. I just delete.

Tracie said...

I get lots of spam too. I don't bother with Google translate. I just delete.

Stacy said...

We get a ton of spam too! Only we get it from Russia! It's always weird to translate it!

Thanks so much for joining us today!

shortmama said...

I get the same kind of crap too!

Anne said...

I think they are hoping that someone will miss the comment and leave it posted. It doesn't work with bloggers who actually have all their comments emailed to them, but you would be surprised at the number of corporate bloggers who don't. You are much more dedicated than me. I just hit delete.

Unknown Mami said...

I think that Anonymous has been very busy. I've read a lot of posts about it.

Anonymous said...

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