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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Thought Tuesday, Groundhog Day, Bowling, PJ's

My sister in law's birthday is today. She wants to have a bowling party because apparently she forgot that she is not 12. At any rate, the kids and I were pretty excited since she picked an alley close to our house and one to which I have free games coming to me. (My son was in a league and got a bunch of free games at the end.) Of course yesterday, she decided for some inexplicable reason that an alley in New Bruswick that charges 12.50 a game would be better. Is she out of her mind? Since when is 12.50 an appropriate price for game of bowling? I wouldn't mind so much for the adults (yes I would, who am I kidding?) but the four year old and the six year old bowl at a snail's pace, not exciting and not worth $12.50.

Anyway, the groundhog saw his shadow today, so six more weeks of winter. I think I may be the only one pleased about this. Generally I like winter and summer a lot better than the milder seasons. I think this may say something about my personality.

My son went to school today in his pajamas, on purpose. Today is pajama day at the school. Normally, we don't have fights and arguments about what to wear since he wears a uniform everyday. Today though was prolonged discussions on what he was going to wear under the pajama since it was 20 degrees outside and while the pajama is appropriate for bundling up under blankets and comforter, not so much for school. The six year old also spent much of the morning asking me "Are you sure today is pajama day?" He lives in fear of wearing the wrong thing. I offered to let him wear his uniform as usual and his response was "But you're sure today is pajama day, right?"

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shortmama said...

The best part about being a SAHM....I can have pj day any time!

mama-face said...

Ah. I feel so much tenderness for that boy of yours. Hopefully the fears subside as he gets more jaded and older. It's sad to say, but the world is not kind to the sensitive. sigh.

ahem. I love what you said about your SIL forgetting she's not 12! bahaha.

MiMi said...

I love jammies days...your SIL is nuts. 12.50 for throwing a dang ball at some stupid pins? Nuts.

The Crazy Coxes said...

$12.50 a game is way too much! I'm with you!

Pajama day around here is a little ridiculous because my boys sleep in boxers. The only day they wear pajamas is on pajama we have to actually try the old ones on and see if they still fit and then make a mad dash to the store the night before. It's ridiculous!

I like your randomness!

Stacy said...

I love pajama day, I wish they would institute it at work! That would be awesome!