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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Food Network

So I believe that this channel is designed to make me either a) crazy or B) broke. Practically everything I watch gives me cravings. (It may possibly have something to do with the fact that I'm pregnant.) Anyway it really doesn't matter what show is on. Some of the most unlikely shows can inspire a craving. I was watching an episode of Worst Cooks in America and you would think that watching these hopeless chefs would turn me off to their food. You would be wrong. They had to each toast bread and make a custom topping. I mean some of them were mixing weird ingredients, dropping stuff on the floor and I was thinking bruschetta. MMmm. I was watching Dinner Impossible and Michael Simon was making a menu at a zoo. If you didn't see this episode, they wanted him to make a all meat menu for the big cats, a menu for the birds, one for the reptiles etc. etc. So he made a cricket filled lemon ice, for the reptiles. Yes, I was thinking oooh I haven't had a lemon ice in ages. Don't get me started on Guy Fieri. That man can make Polish food look good. If you have never seen his show Triple D, (Diners, Drive-In's and Dives) you do not know what you are missing. In the last month he has had me out searching for everything from a Reuban sandwich, Puerto Rican mofongo, Mexican (and that doesn't take much), pizza, Cuban sandwiches, chicken pot pie and cheese steak. Okay now I am really hungry again. So I could try to ignore the cravings..(yeah I don't think that's going to happen) or spend my days searching out my latest craving. Right now I'm celebrating Chinese New Year with some egg rolls.


shortmama said...

Triple D is one of my makes me want to travel around the country just stopping at the places he goes

The Blue Zoo said...

Oh my gosh! When I was pregnant I did the same things! I LOVED watching the FoodNetwork. And of course I would crave it all. =)
My most memorable craving was chocolate covered twinkies, as soon as I got my hands on some I ate like half the box!!

MiMi said...

Triple D...mmmmm...when I watch that show I can feel my arteries clogging. I love it.

Anne said...

I love Food Network but I agree, I tend to start cooking all kinds of bizarre things. I did have a Reuben the other day and it was really good.