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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things Kids Say Thursday #5

So joining in on the Things Kids Say Thursdays. They might not necessarily be funny but they always make me smile. This is inspired by Mudpies for Mommy.

Six year old: (while feeling his hair) I think I need a haircut, it's as puffy as a cake.

Four year old:(feeling his hair) Not me! Mine's as flat as a pancake.

Four year old: Mom, is that a church?

Me: Yes

Six year old: Whose church is it?

Me: Do you mean what saint? It's St. Joseph's church.

Six year old: St Joseph! I know him!

Four year old: I think I am having a baby.

Me: No you're not. Only mommies can have babies.

Four year old: Yes I am. (Lifts up shirt) Look how big my stomach is.

Four year old and six year old are fighting over toy. I ask the four year old, what is this called anyway?

Four Year old: Super Why uses it to go Zap!

Me: Yes, I know but what does he call it?

Four year old: A zapper? (I found out later it's a Why Writer but kids will fight over anything even when they don't know what it is.)

Four year old: I'm sooo tired. I'm so upset of you.

Me: ????

Four year old: ZZZZZZZ

Six year old: You have to cut all this hair off.

Hubby: OK, I'll cut it all off and you can look bald like Charlie Brown.

Six year old: Charlie Brown isn't bald.

Four year old: Charlie Brown has a circle round head, sooo you can call him Circle roundhead Charlie Brown.

My husband was upset because he found out that his mom in Puerto Rico was in the hospital and had a mild heart attack. He was upset and had said something about her dying.

Six year old: Why are you so upset? It's no big deal if she dies.

Me: That isn't a nice thing to say.

Six year old:(puzzled face) But when you die, you live forever in heaven.


singedwingangel said...

Ahh bet that last comment made dady go gulp.. nothing like the honesty of children to make us aware what JEsus said to have the faith of a child... LoL love hte hair as fluyffy s a cake...

ScoMan said...

Kids are so innocent about death. They don't understand the loss side of it I suppose.

obladi oblada said...

I love those! Especially the last one. Out of the mouths of babes....

MiMi said...

I think it's awesome the 6 year old has it right so early! :)

Jennifer Haas said...

They were so cute this week. Love the one about heaven and Charlie Brown. Thanks for linking up this week. I am trying so very hard to keep up with this. It helps when people link up.

I hope you mother in law is doing ok!

The Only Girl said...

Those are hilarious! You should definitely make this a regular feature.

shortmama said...

puffy hair, big belly...are you talking about me???!!!

that last comment is so true to kids way of looking at things isnt it?!? Love it!

Lisa Anne said...

Kids are so much smarter than we think they are. They really amaze me with the things they say sometimes.

Ruth said...

These had me laughing out loud. You'll be so glad you wrote them down, I always think I'll remember but I forget so many of the funny stuff.

My favorite is the four year old falling asleep. Hee hee.