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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No More Football!!!

So I get a phone call at 10pm last night to cancel today's game.  Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Okay, so
I'm a little excited.  If you were at the last game, you would have a little idea of why I am excited.  Friday night, the game was supposed to start at 6 but didn't get started until 6:30.  Then it started to rain, hard.  So in the middle of a play, one of the moms of the other team yanked her son out of the game.  The poor baby must have been about to melt.  Anyway, that made the coach of that team decide to call the game because of the weather.  Now normally, I am a fan of staying inside during cold wet weather but we had already been sitting in it and this was the third make-up game already.  Apparently, the coaches of my son's team felt the same but being men refused to keep it to themselves.  Instead, they loudly called the other team's coach a quitter and a cheater.  Apparently, they felt my son's team was on the verge of a touchdown when they conveniently quit.  Anyway, the argument got so intense that one of the dads had to take the kids away from the situation for fear of it getting ugly.  Too late for that, though.  Although I also did not want to have yet another makeup game today, I wasn't prepared to get into a vicious argument with anybody about it.  (That is what my blog is for!  HaHaHa)  The whole scene was way too serious for a flag football game.  Anyway, today's game got cancelled because of rain, again and they decided enough was enough, the season is over.  Now I have until August to figure out if I will torture myself by signing him up again next year.  Probably, I'm a shameless martyr.

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Yaya said...

Oh my gosh, what is wrong with people??