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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things Kids Say Thursday #2

The three year old recently got a new hat and gloves set. (Toy Story, of course)  So the other day he puts them on without shoes or a coat, rubs his hands together and says to me "Now I'm ready for some fun!"

Picking up the six year old from school, he gets in the car and says: Today was the worst day ever.
Me: WHy
6 year old: No recess (It was raining)
Me: Well you know what is good about rainy days?
6 year old: What?
Me: No football practice!
6 year old: Today is the best day ever!

3 year old: Mom can you shred my pencil? (He meant sharpen.)

Me (to Husband on the way out the door): Drive carefully.
3 year old: Yes Daddy Drive carefully and don't bump into anything.

6 year old (For no reaon at all after finishing homework): Ooh, Aah, Dance in fancy pants!

For some other pretty funny kids check out Mudpies for Mommy.


emotional diva said...

i heart dance in fancy pants. that's hilarious! sweet jesus i love your kids!

Jennifer Haas said...

Soo, funny. thanks for linking up again. I love the one about the worst day ever too funny!