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Friday, October 16, 2009


So you know that crazy person in the car next to yours who is dancing in her seat?  Yeah that's me.  Sorry but I just love my music in the car.  I particularly love the 80's and 90's music I get from the satellite radio.  Awesome.  However, I also like some current music.  Basically I am a flipper.  As soon as the station gets to the DJ talking, I press the button for the next station.  Sorry I just can't groove to the news.  Oh and don't even get me started on commercials.  Total waste of air space as far as I am concerned.  My husband drove for more than 6 months with no radio in the car.  I don't know how he did it.  I would have been quietly going mad.  A couple of months ago, I used his car (I don't know he was getting some new tires or something) anyway I made the kids sing in the car to break up the silence.  Needless to say they were mortified.  Something like, "Stop singin mom!" at the top of their lungs.  In my car, I pop in their DVD and headphone them and I can sing to my heart's content. 


Sadie said...

I am a flipper too. I go around and around until I can find a song I can sing to. My boys get tired of the flipping and it's a race to say " I like this song!!!" first so I that I might stay there and let them listen to it

emotional diva said...

I totally completely understand this entire post! I am a fabulous singer, so i never get the omg mom shut up! I get the sing it again mom!!!
so i polled my ladies and let them flip through my iTunes to pick songs they love and taught them how to burn them onto CD's. i am a HUGE flipper...if i don't know the song, or if i can't get into a particular tune, i flip. this causes many unnecessary arguments in the car so the burnt cd's really do come in handy! =)
if we need new music, we flip discs. if we need new tunes, we go to and download them! =)

yayyyyyyyyy for music! it's my personal art!
have a great weekend cassie!!!!
ps. do you yahoo messenger??


Cassie said...

Sorry I don't Yahoo Messenger. Email me

Kids Music said...

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