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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spelling Test

So my son brought home the results of his first spelling test today.  He spelled two wrong.  He forgot the 'u' in quit and only gave still one 'l'.  Anyway, the thing I'm perplexed with is the grade.   Now normally they don't give the first grade A-B-C grades, they usually give E(excellent), S(satisfactory), I(Improvement Needed).  This paper however had a D on it.  Even if they had graded as A-B-C, he should have got a B (2 of 10 wrong = 80%) Right? So if anyone can enlighten me, please let me know.  I'll be asking the teacher in any case tomorrow, so will report back if you're curious.

Update: Apparently it means Developing.  Whatever.  She said they have a more elaborate grading system than in Kindergarten. 


emotional diva said...

I am curious. My daughter does spelling this year too and she already has a deck of shit stacked against her with her hearing impairment. sometimes i don't think these older teachers really want what's best for the kids. would rather just flit them through and not teach. grrrrrrr.

Cruz said...

By more elaborate she means more made up

Ms. de Leon said...

Yeah, it's the new fangled report card. Aparently D is good (developing) and B is bad (beginner). IT's really confusing to parents, but the archdiocese seemed to think it was a great idea. Go figure.