Friday, October 23, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese

You might ask why a otherwise sane person would take her kids and go to Chuck E. Cheese in the middle of a Thursday afternoon.  I would tell you but then I might have to use the F word.  Alright, it was a fundraiser.  That's right, the six year old's school has not yet bled me dry, maybe they heard extra coins rattling when I dropped him off.  Anyway, this fundraiser is one where everyone goes on a specific day (yesterday between 3-9pm) and the school gets 25% of the profits.    So to entice the children into bugging their parents endlessly into going, they gave the kids 10 free tokens.  That's not all, they also had Chuck himself come by the school yesterday at dismissal.  (There went the idea of pretending to forget!)  I agreed to take them there after homework and before football practice which gave them about an hour at four o'clock.  It's a good thing they stamp the kids so they can't leave without their parents because once I went in, I only saw the six year old in a blur as he ran past me with his friends.  Of course, since this is a school event several of his friends were there.  Their mothers, however, were a lot smarter and dropped them off with older friends and siblings cause I didn't see a single mom that I knew.  Luckily, I brought a book.   The three year old would take one token go play a game and come back for another and go play a game.  I don't know why it didn't occur to him to carry them.  I ordered them wings and fries which I and the three year old ate.  I hunted down the six year old and told him to come eat but he never showed.  Of course, when it was time to leave, he suddenly developed severe hunger pains. (the kind which make it impossible to go to football practice but is fine for playing video games and watching t.v.) Do you really think I fell for that?  No way.  We went to football practice.   I figure, I paid the registration fee, bought the cleats, got the physician's clearance and all the other little necessities, the least he can do is go to practice.  Don't feel sorry for him, he is fine once he gets there with his little friends.   Anyway, that is the story of an afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese, don't let it happen to you.


Adriana said...

I am so not a fan of Chuck E Cheese either. :)

Lisa Anne said...

Cassie, I've been partnered with you over at Kristens blog party. I want to do a quick interview with you so I can feature you on my blog.

If you could just write a quick something about yourself and send me a link to your favorite post that would be great! I'll also review your blog and write about you! I'm so excited!!

Connie K said...

LOL my daughter works at Chuckie Cheese !! we just call it the "Cheese" i have a 5 year old and since she works there i just send him with his sister (lol) so that get's me out of going to the "Cheese"

Anonymous said...

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