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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I wish..Vacation

So this is another bloghop. This one was started by Kelsey and I found out about from the Emotional Diva. Both are great sites. Check them out. Anyway this week it is what I

Well I wish to go to Texas. I know it isn't very exotic but I have lived in Jersey most of my life and haven't been much outside of the Tri-state area. other than Disney and Massachusetts. But that's another story. Anyway I really want to visit parts of the US that are different from where I live and since my three year old is cowboy crazy, I think Texas is the way to go. And I am going, after I wear down my husband about it.

I wish to go to Hawaii. I have never been and can't see going without the kids or subjecting myself to a twelve hour plane ride with them just yet so this is a sometime in the future vacation which I also am totally doing.

I wish to take a vacation to Spain. I wouldn't mind going to Madrid, Barcelona or Leon. Basically this is a trip that I was cheated out of my senior year of high school when my Spanish class went and I wasn't allowed to go. But I'm not bitter, much.

I also would like to visit Brazil. Who doesn't want to experience Carnival which is basically Mardi Gras done bigger.

Well I may not get to any of these places but it is nice to dream, right? Either that or somebody better get cracking and saving some money!


emotional diva said...

you are too freaking cute cassie!!! =)
how have i gone this long without you in my blogroll?? seriously!!!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Ohhh you have to go to Texas!!! That is my home state and love it -- so glad you played!!! Come back next week too!

Katie said...

Texas is wonderful!!! Everything is better in Texas! :) I might be a little biased!!! :)

Jennifer Haas said...

You should come to Texas we love it here, but like you we don't leaqve much, and would like to see other parts of the country.

I am off to visit the other two blogs. Thanks!

Adriana said...

We are in Texas too. Usually, I love it. You wouldn't want to be here lately. It has rained for almost two months straight. Ok, maybe I am exagerating (a little) but I swear, one more day of rain and I am going to build an ARK.