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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Eyes Have It

Okay this will be my little rant to blue eye devotees everywhere. Here are my two boys.

Now I know that I have two very good looking kids but why is it that when in public people always seem to comment on the older boys eyes?  You know, 'oh he has such beautiful eyes!' or 'what gorgeous blue eyes!'.  Hello, do they not see the other incredibly good looking boy standing right next to him?  Not to mention that it makes the older boy uncomfortable to be singled out that way.  Here are the pictures that they took. 

As you can see they are much more into artistic licence than identifiable shots but now you can see where I got the idea for my post! 

P.S. I have brown eyes and except for the fact that I am so near sighted I couldn't see the hand in front of my face without help I am very happy with them thank you very much. 


emotional diva said...

First off:

you are their mother, so you in no way, shape, or form, would EVER find the difference in their cutetasticness! lol =)


their skin is a-maz-ing. simply amazing. if there were skin models (and i'm pretty sure there are) you should definitely sign these 2 precious kiddies up for it because they are totally cute!!!


the older boy's blue blue eyes are piercing and stand out from his skin tone and his hair color. this creates an almost shocking effect when looking at his angelic face on someone who is not use to looking at your boys every day like you. =)

the younger boy is sooo freaking handsome! his brown eyes meld together perfectly for his precious little face!

the next time someone in public says something to him about his eyes, i'd somehow include the other child as well by saying something to the effect of: "yes they are pretty and (child #2) is so excited that he gets to share his brown eyes with his mommy!" or a variation. unfortunantly, for as long as older son has blue eyes, he will probably forever be singled out. :(

and just an fyi: i have green eyes so i'm not biased to blue or brown! :)

ps. thanks for your comment on my blog! i enjoyed reading it on my phone and was happy to see a new face reading! =)

Cruz said...

i am so going to say something to the older son about his eyes everytime i see him. haha

also i am so stealing this picture. they are so cute!