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Saturday, October 3, 2009


So we wake up today prepared to go to
1. soccer practice for older son at 8:30am
2. football game for older son at 10:30am and
3. soccer game for younger son at 11:45am 
Now, weather forcasters were proclaiming thunderstorms for today so we were expecting to get cancelled.  However, waking up in the morning, it was not raining. (wet but not raining) We got everyone dressed and ready to go and 15 minutes before we are due at the field, we get a call from the team mom that football has been cancelled.  Now I checked the website and the message machine and neither had rainout announcements so I was a little ticked that we didn't get any advanced notice.  Now, likewise the soccer didn't have an announcement, so we went out for the little guys soccer game.  It was hot.  and not raining.  I guess I am a little annoyed that we pay money for a six week season (not to mention uniforms and cleats) and already two weeks have been rained out.  This should be his fourth game today.  I can understand not wanting the kids to play in the rain but it wasn't raining!  Not only that but the three year olds managed to brave the elements to get out there and play soccer.  So I had to get up anyway.  So my husband and I declared the Union Rams flag football staff to be lazy. 

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