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Monday, October 12, 2009

A Movie Experience

So I went with the two monsters boys to see Toy Story.  If you haven't heard it was a double feature (Toy Story and Toy Story 2) in 3D. Now the last time I took them to see a movie was the next thing to a nightmare so I was a little apprehensive.  First, they tend to get freaked out because they turn down the lights.  Second is the constant refreshment requests and finally the incessant restroom breaks (as a result of the constant refreshment requests.)  It started out well with both children reciting every single line of the movie in stereo. (Well it was fine for me, I don't know about the people sitting behind us, or in front of us.)  Anyway, today the six year old managed to make it about half way through the first movie before standing up and declaring that he would die of hunger without some nachos.  Somehow he managed to survive until the intermission (in between the two movies.)  The three year old only wore his 3D glasses for part of the first movie since he could "see the movie fine without them."  Also he felt that they made the room darker.  At one point during the first movie he got up and moved to the aisle because he wanted to sit on the stairs which were illuminated.  So after the first movie, we had our bathroom breaks, staved off the death of my six year old with popcorn and nachos and returned for the second movie.  When the second movie started the three year old realized that he lost his 3D glasses.  So back I go to get a new set.  Don't ask me why he needed them.  He only wore them for about a minute, at which point the three year old finished off his popcorn and a good portion of my soda (not that I ever let my children drink soda, its terrible for them!) and promptly fell asleep.  He managed to wake up in time for the end.  We proceeded to my car where he asked me to put in Toy Story to the DVD player.  I guess he didn't have enough yet.  All in all it was what passes for a successful movie experience, in my house anyway.

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