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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things Kids Say Thursday :Video Edition

So since I'm not feeling well I decided to let the kids take over. So it's really a Things Kids Do Thursday but whatever, let's not quibble with semantics.

After watching this, the 6 year old said, take that red guy out, he's ruining the video! Personally I thought he had hardly any time on camera so gave him an opportunity to star in his own video.


The Blue Zoo said...

LOL Those kids have got some moves!

MiMi said...

Oh my gosh! I highly reccommend you start doing this once a week. Those boys are adorable!
And seriously, the little one will be a singer and the big one will be a dancer, cuz really, he ain't that bad! He's got some rhythm!

palomita said...

THAT LITTLE REd guY is the CUTEST thing EVER!!!!!

ScoMan said...

When we were in Canberra having dinner one night some kids just started going nuts dancing near us. I thought those kids had talent that was hard to beat at their age.. but I think your kids are up there.

There's only one solution.. a dance off.

Anne said...

That is so cute!

Jennifer Haas said...

What a great Video!!! I may have to add to my link what kids say or do, because that is so funny!