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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Letters on Facebook, Part III

So if you've ever had a birthday on facebook, you get a lot of birthday wishes even from relatives whom you haven't seen in years. Is there anything more boring than a whole page of Happy Birthday, happy birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Happy Birthday over and over and over? My stepsons had a birthday a couple of weeks ago, they're twins. So most people (poor unoriginal saps) sent the same message to both. For instance, Happy Birthday to my handsome nephew, have a great day! (twice, as if they were the same person or something) I, of course not being either boring or unoriginal chose to put this.

Dear Joshua,

Since I've noticed all your political statuses lately For some reason, he was in favor of the health care bill and was posting about it nonstop, I thought you might be interested to know that you share a birthday with Al Gore. Personally, I think he's a tree hugger and a sore loser but then I don't have to share a birthday with him, do I? Don't worry, we don't have to get into it today, I know this whole liberal thing is a phase you young people go through. I, too, was a liberal for like three minutes in 1988. Then after I was hospitalized for a loss of blood, I got over it. Bleeding hearts aren't my thing. Anyway, happy birthday!

Love your evil stepmother,


and for the other...

Dear Joseph,

Happy Birthday! It's unfortunate that you have to spend it in that terrible place known as Miami. I still can't believe people live there, ON PURPOSE. I heard a rumor that it is going to be 80 and sunny out there today. I'm glad to hear you are getting a break from the constant hurricanes. Of course, as you already know, too much sunshine causes cancer, so enjoy your day outside today and then quickly hide inside with the shade and air conditioning....or move to NJ We hardly ever get hurricanes, floods maybe..., your choice.



So better than just happy birthday, right? It's the gift of laughter, your welcome.


MiMi said...

What? How are you old enough to have a stepson that is old enough to buy into liberalism??!! LOL!

shortmama said...

That is much better than just a standard Happy Birthday!

singedwingangel said...

roflmbo that is too cute and definitely original lol

Kate@And Then I Was a Mom said...

Better yet, Birthday Boy #2 could move to MA, where we will be having snow showers this weekend. IN APRIL.

You are very obviously a stepmom extraordinaire. You go, girl.

ScoMan said...

I think it's great you sent them both different messages. They probably get sick of being treated as the same person.

On my 21st birthday my Aunty wrote something in my card which everyone who read it after her when they were signing it made a big deal out of it, and she said she regretted writing it.

Mum read it and said "It's his humor, it's right up his alley, he'll love it"

It said:

Live fast, die you and leave a beautiful corpse.

I remember that. I can't remember what was written on any of my birthday cards before or since.