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Saturday, September 26, 2009


So older boy has decided to spend some of his birthday money on an MP3 player.  My first reaction to this was ridiculous, I don't even have an MP3 player yet!  When he found one on sale in Toys R Us and I thought about it some more, we went for it.  I thought that since it is downloaded music, I would have some control over the music content that he is listening to.  After all every song on the radio is not appropriate for six year old ears.  Some aren't even appropriate for mine!  Anyway, now I have gotten myself in a position where I have to spend hours on the computer with him tomorrow so we can download music and pictures into this thing and  I am very very tired just thinking about it.  I don't know how to begin creating a songlist for him since even when I listen to the radio, I rarely pay attention to who the artist is or what the songs name is, unless it is obvious.  It occurs to me that this might indeed be obvious to you even if it isn't for me.  I mean that an artist like Michael Jackson for instance is had to mistake for someone else but I may not know the name of a Mariah Carey song even though I know it is her singing.  Anyway, neither of those artists are likely to be on my sons top ten list, I happen to know that mostly he is looking for movie soundtracks and Disney numbers with a few exceptions so I am not gonna worry about it now.  Anyway, I am online to train myself in the "new" mp3 technology to keep up with a six year old.  That should be on one of those lists.  "You know you are getting older when your six year old son is teaching you new technology" So sad.  

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