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Monday, September 14, 2009

A day in the life

A lot of people think that the life of a stay at home is easy or at least free of responsibilities. Not!! So for those of you who aren't stay at home mommies and those who just want to commiserate here's my life

6 am wake, put on the news, get dressed

6:15 wake children and get them down stairs, a process which takes only 5 minutes on a good day but twenty or thirty minutes on a bad day.

6:30 make breakfast, make lunch, clean tables, counters, load dishwasher

7:15 get children dressed, teeth brushed, hair combed, beds made (the older one does his own but I still have to do the other and supervise)

7:40 leave to drop older child at school

8:15 return home to clean floors of downstairs rooms (kitchen, living room, dining room)

9:00 start homeschooling of younger child we use letter of the week Now on week two. Since he attends preschool twice a week. I have condensed everything into three days.

9:45 snack, clean up

10:15 more homeschooling

11:15 laundry interrupted when three year finds a sand bucket and proceeds to pour water on the hardwood floor of the playroom. Good news is now the floor is clean.

12:30 Food shopping. Loads of fun when accompanied with whiny three year old

2:00 Pick up older son from school

2:30 homework for older son, start blog for me, coloring for three year old

3:15 visit to Dairy Queen, reward for completing homework and treat since it is a hot day

3:45 Visit arts and craft store...still working on birthday party for Sunday

4:30 Leave AC Moore since six year old is having temper tantrum

5:00 Start cooking dinner and supervise handwriting practice by older son

6:30 dinner

7:00 baths

7:30 look up stuff on computer for husband

8:00 dole out medications for children, supervise tooth brushing, read bedtime stories

8:30 type blog

9:00 not yet completed but will be done...load dishwasher and drop into bed thankfully

1 comment:

pam said...

Hi Cassie. You put a note on my blog asking how I blog, paint, and homeschool.
Several ways:
1. God has taught me some very strong organizing skills. I make and shop once a wk. by a menu. I have a chore chart and the kids do them before school. Our school day also a schedule. Little ones have nap time, olders have rest time.
2. Also, we don't go shopping much, or on many outings during the week.
3. We don't watch tv. It seems to be a time waster and addictive. Without it these last 17 years, we find much time to do many creative things and outside walks, etc.
4. I believe in moms pursuing their passion as they raise their children. That may include blogging, painting, exercise, cooking, or any thing that brings life into a mom who must do many routine and at times, lowly tasks. For me, pursing God is a great passion also. Passionate moms thrive, are filled and can therefore give to their families, and pass this joy and confidence on to their children.
You know we always find the time to do what is our priority. Some things I have dropped, in order to do other things. And there you have novel! God bless you Cassie