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Friday, September 25, 2009


That older boy is such a picky eater.  Okay not really.  He is a picky lunch at school eater.  At home, we might have peanut butter and jelly (not allowed at school cause of peanut allergies) or leftovers from the night before.  Generally he hates sandwiches (as do I) and prefers a hot lunch.  Normally this would make a great case for school lunch.  Apparently he hates the school lunch.  The have a pretty good kid friendly menu, I think anyway.  However, he doesn't like their chicken nuggets, tacos, pizza, hamburgers or spaghetti.  That pretty much leaves stuff he would never eat like chicken patties and tunafish.  So here is my challenge.  I must find a variety of foods I can give him, which can be taken to school and either eaten cold or kept warm in a thermos.  So far this year my successful forays have been, the chili, tacos and chicken ceasar salad.  Last year he ate a bit of beef and macaroni and abc soup but apparently he is tired of that and wants new things.  Any ideas, suggestions??


findingtrueserenity said...

I know my kids like wraps (you can literally throw anything into it) and they love fruit/veggie with dip...and what's not better than a homemade cookie for dessert?! ;)

Happy Homemaker Monday!


Clare said...

Breakfast foods tend to hold up well. Roll up a pancake or two with a sausage and stick it in a thermos. Oatmeal too (if hes a kid that can handle oatmeal).

Mac and cheese too.