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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall Food Time

A lot of bloggers are talking about the beginning of fall and today I was especially thinking about it as I got up early to make chili.  My son requested chili for lunch which necessitated my getting up early in the morning to start it going.  Chili is one of those things you never eat in the summer but I make quite a bit of in the fall and winter.  I also end up cooking alot of heavier foods like roast chicken and pot roast.  No wonder that's when I gain weight!  Speaking of weight gain I really have to get back to exercising daily or at least twice a week. With all the illness in the house I have really gotten lazy. It's amazing how much more you have to motivate yourself to get started than to continue on. 

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Ruth said...

I always tend to "hibernate" in the winter. I just want to stay home and eat warm, fattening foods. However now that my winters are short with above freezing temperatures I don't get the opportunity so much. It's been around 100 degrees the past four days or so. Not exactly chili and stew weather.