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Saturday, September 19, 2009


My older boy had his first flag football game today. Let me tell you the world of organized sports is much tougher on me than him. After you pay the $99 to join, they supply him with a mouthguard (which having worked in dentistry let me tell you won't do a thing) and t shirt. I am responsible for getting him padded pants, a cup, long sleeved undershirt(considering that the games are at 9am and around 55 degrees in the morn already) and cleats. Then, each parent is responsible for bringing half time refreshments for the team on one weekend. Now if that isn't enough and mostly a financial contribution so far...He has two one hour practices every night. Well on school nights, I try to get them in bed by 8pm. If his practice ends exactly at 7 (hah) we don't get home til 7:20, then there is dinner and bath for both kids in less than forty minutes (a feat we have yet to manage) All in all it has been pretty exhausting thus far since it has been four weeks of practice and no games. The football game I have to say though was a lot of fun. They had the cheerleaders there for the first time and they were very entertaining. Also they had all the trappings of a real game on a shortened field. And I know that winning isn't everything, but my son's team did win and that's always fun too.

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Sissy said...

I am so not looking forward to my boys playing football. I hate football. I've tried and tried to understand it and like it but I do not.