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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Every Kid Should Know

Childhood is so short.  When you think that childhood lasts until maybe the age of 18 and most people live to at least eighty, being a kid lasts less than a fourth of your life.  So in the vein of youth being wasted on the young, I think children should learn to make the most of childhood.  So if I could teach my kids only three things...

1. Play.  Enjoy the seasons, make snowmen and snow angels in the winter, roll down the grassy hills in the spring, jump into piles of leaves in the fall.  Play hard because snow and leaves are just not the same when you are 35 and have to clean it all up.   
2. Dream.  After adulthood, life sometimes becomes an endless repitition of chores and bills without much change.  (I realize that some people have really creative, fulfilling jobs but you still have to worry about bills and chores)  While a child, kids should use their imaginations, wear crazy mismatched outfits, pretend to be astronauts today and cowboys tomorrow.  I find it amazing that in school the kids are encouraged to conform so much.  You know, no coloring outside the lines kinds of things.  
3. Acceptance  Only the really young child seems to understand that another child is just another friend in the making.  Even the older kids start to not want to hang out with one kid cause he is overweight or another because he has a funny haircut or some other ridiculous reason.  While they are young the make friends with anyone and it is something that they should always remember to do.  I asked the three year old if he made any friends in his pre-k class and he told me  that they are all his friends and that is how it should be.  A whole class of potential friends instead of a scary room full of people you don't know.

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thanks for stopping by! I love your blog :-) not me monday was very funny!