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Friday, August 28, 2009

Parenting Philosophy

Well I was watching "Wife Swap" yesterday and thinking about my parenting philosophy. If you have never seen the show, the name is a little inaccurate. It is more like mom swap where two moms switch places for two weeks. The first week both moms live by the rules of the other household and then they change the rules and for one week the families live by the rules of the new mom. Of course, they usually set up two opposites like a clean freak with a really messy home or an overachiever with a real underachiever. So I started thinking about how my parenting style would look from the outside. For instance my sons are in a number of sports which I think is important for young active boys. God knows they need to channel that energy somewhere. But would another mom consider them over scheduled? Would my chore lists and strict bedtimes feel too strict to another mom? Not that I would necessarily change anything but it was interesting I think, to stop and consider how it would appear to an outsider. I think reevaluating it also helps to build my own confidence in my own style and makes me happier about my own choices and maybe even change those things that I didn't like. Well someone else might!

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