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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Can't wait until school starts

Okay I have had it with summer. Now I know my boys are just getting over colds but let me tell you they have been annoying! Lately my five year old (and he's going to be 6 in three weeks) has been having temper tantrums. For instance today we had lunch as usual, took them to the pool and on the way back he starts having a meltdown that he is starving and wants a snack like yesterday. Unreal. The three year old is looking at him like who is this martian masquerading as my brother? So very calmly, because no way am I going to get myself worked up just cause he is, I ask him what he wants to have for a snack. He demands lunch which he had less than two hours ago. So I tell him he already had lunch would he like a snack? This is met by hysterical crying. I mean I like food as much as the next gal but really??!! I can not wait until he goes back to school and I can get a couple of peaceful hours to myself. Or do the laundry. Whatever.

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