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Friday, August 7, 2009

Attack of the crafts

Okay so my oldest son decided to get into super craft mode which I hate. What do I hate? Yes, that's right I hate all crafts. Besides the fact that I have absolutely no creativity for creating them, they are messy and never come out the way I intended. Give me a science experiment over a craft any day of the week. Anyway, on Wednesday he created a paper bag puppet with the help of my sister. (Thank God for creating little sisters to do all the things you don't want to do.) On Thursday at the library reading club he made a finger puppet and then came home and on his own made a maraca out of plastic cups, a telephone also out of cups and a robot made out of (you guessed it) cups and plastic forks. Why this was a fun filled afternoon for him I will never know but now I have to find a place for all of these things. Do children's artwork and crafts have an expiration date? You know, a time at which it is acceptable to get rid of them without guilt and recriminations?

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