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Friday, July 24, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

My two sons have been at each other's throat all summer. Mostly I think it is because the three year old has had the house pretty much to himself all year when along comes the five year old to take all his stuff. Don't ask me why when he has his own video games he wants to take back a game he was sick of last year. Not only that but they recently have taken the game of tag and turned it into the game of shove til the other falls over. I don't have proof yet but I'm pretty sure they are throwing things at each other also when my back is turned. When does school start again? Someone will be in the hospital before the summer is out at this rate. Maybe it will be me. Hmm, fairly private room, tv, room service sounds like a great vacation. I'll take three nights. Now if only I could figure what kind of injury will get me there....

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