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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Planning a Birthday Party

I don't know when my party planning started to get out of hand. Well, I know it is my fault that I love to plan a party. So I've lined up entertainment. God knows I don't want ten 6 year olds running around with nothing to do. It must be the theme that drives me crazy. We have decided on a reptile theme and found a company that brings live animals for entertainment. Now I have to decorate the room to match. So I need balloons, tablecloths, and favors. Not to mention the food. Unfortunately reptiles are not one of those easy themes. Thank God for the internet. That's what saved me last year. So I found some favors but not all in the same place. So I have to go to three different sites to get all the stuff that I need plus one place for the cake, one place for the balloons and another for the catered food. What did you think I was cooking for all those people? NOT!!! Oh I forget to mention that I printed up the invitations on my computer. Hopefully no one will be a snob about it. But I did do a pretty good job if I have to say so myself. Now all I need is for the people to come. That would be my luck. Spend hundreds of dollars for an elaborate party no one comes to.

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