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Friday, December 11, 2009

Sorry, I Have an Excuse...Or Three

So sorry about not posting or commenting and otherwise generally ignoring the blogging world lately. Here is my list of excuses:

The husband has been obsessed with posting old pictures on facebook. When I say old, these pictures are over two decades old. Since he is not technologically savvy this requires yours truly to scan in and upload each and every photo for him. (Your welcome honey!) Check out the vintage couch in the background...I rest my case. P.S. I wasn't born yet cause I am not that old. (Just in case you were getting any ideas.)

          Have you noticed that it is the Christmas season? Wednesday was the six year old's Christmas concert which is fine but his school runs from Pre-K to grade 8 and every class does a set of songs. I was there from 6 pm until 8:30. Have I mentioned that I dislike evening activities? They screw with bedtime, mealtime and most importantly T.V. time. Mind you, I would also complain if they put it on Saturday.....

        I have also been working on the three year old's birthday. (soon to be four year old) I finally got the pinata. Since the party is tomorrow, I had a few worried moments. I found a backup car pinata at Party City but the three year was adamant that he wanted the Mach 5 from Speed Racer. Thank God it arrived today. So now in between dropping off the kids at their different schools, picking them up at their different schools, at different times, I have to stop at the Supermarket for the last minute stuff which I forgot while I was at the supermarket on Wednesday in the pouring rain. I also have to stuff the pinata and get the goody bags all set. (thank you kids for RSVPing yesterday! I guess some people don't understand what that P is supposed to stand for.) Anyway, the only thing I want to do tomorrow is pick up the cake and balloons and decorate. Somehow, this list will lengthen but I am still trying to be proactive.

        By the way, I'm pregnant. That's pretty much going to be my excuse for everything for the next eight months. Get used to it.


          MiMi said...

          Yep. All you gotta say is I'm pregnant and you'll be excused. That picture at the top? That's frightening. The couch! I think I'm going blind.

          shortmama said...

          We have my oldests Christmas program next doesnt even start until 7pm and its k-8 as well....its a looooooooooooong night

          Ed Adams said...

          Just pick the smallest kid at the party, give him a bag of candy, and hang him from the tree. Tell him when if he drops the candy, the beatings will continue, just to make it fun and challenging for the other kids.

          Waaallaaaa! Free Pinata!

          Unknown Mami said...

          Yup, you are busy making a human being so everything else can take a back seat.

          Hope the birthday is a tremendous hit and that the piƱata takes a tremendous hit too.

          kys said...

          Are you my sister from another mister? I hate evening activities, too. And all activities, actually.

          Ruth said...

          You are excused! For everything!
          Also, I think we used to have that exact same couch. Also, if you must, here is where I found the "chaos emeralds":

          We got the 3" diamonds, they are seriously large and heavy, so I'd recommend something smaller. Of course, really I recommend you don't get them at all, and I am not liable for any injuries or property damage!

          Anonymous said...

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