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Thursday, December 17, 2009

He Shall Henceforth Be the Four Year Old

So Saturday was the big blowout party for the four year old. Have you ever thrown a party and no-one came? Well that was my 6th birthday party. Oh we weren't talking about me? Sorry, I got sidetracked. Anyway, we started with an RSVP list of 29 adults and eleven kids. Then the excuses started flying. They probably weren't all excuses, but still. One of my sisters-in-law was sick herself so couldn't come with her family, one sister-in-law said her two daughters were sick so she couldn't come, a cousin called cause her two sons were sick and my brother just didn't show up and later informed me his daughter was sick. (They were at an emergency clinic which is why they couldn't call.) At any rate, one hour into the party I had three kids and five adults. Now my son wasn't fazed by this but I was just a little bit upset.

This is them completely unfazed as they are bouncing in the bouncy house and ball pits.

Eventually, another child and three of my sisters showed up in time for the food. This is also called over an hour late. (That was especially for them, in case they're reading this.)

After eating was the traditional busting of the pinata which three year olds are no good at. I eventually just pulled the strings and let them go crazy.

Then we did the cake. This was nearly ruined as a guest blew the candles out before my son could get to them but we lit them again and let him have another go.

Now after all that and the four year old's friends went home, three more sisters and a brother showed up to extend my party which was supposed to be 1-3pm until six o'clock. Don't worry I paid them back and used them as cheap manual labor during the clean-up.


mama-face said...

oh sad; Your sixth birthday party. And you still remember...

Shall I tell you the story about a birthday party when someone threw up in the pit of balls and the workers just shrugged their shoulders and let the kids keep on playing. No? oops.

I love your is much the same as mine. :) Which I am intending to be a compliment.

MiMi said...

On my 6th birthday my Kindergarten class did a field trip to a museum. We ate lunch on the steps. My friend puked and I didn't know it and I sat in it. Yuck.
Anyway, seriously, it's most important that your boy had fun! Which it looks like he did!
HOWEVER, seriously? I would've been PISSED. :)

Ed Adams said...

Looks like fun.

And by fun, I mean shootyourselfintheface madnesschoas.

Good times.

shortmama said...

Your family sounds like my inlaws! My youngets bday party is Saturday and my oldests Christmas program is tonight and it doenst look like any of the hubs family will be at either one. Some of them are sick, some arent coming because the sick ones arent coming...just as well, dont care for them anyway lol

Unknown Mami said...

As long as the guest of honor had fun.

I can't tell you how many birthday parties my mom threw me where she didn't even bother to invite any kids.

Cruz said...

Woohoo!!!! my first shout out, even if it is negative. haha

Pamela said...

I was working, which is why i was an hour late! but at least i was there! and i helped get rid of all the extra goody bags and candy so you shouldnt be complaining. lol

Ms. de Leon said...

Um, where is my shout out? I was there from nine am, but you don't mention that, huh? SMH...

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