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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What the Hell Wednesday Blogging and TV

So today is What the Hell Wednesday which gives me free rein to spew my complaints all over the place.

Now I know that I have been a very neglectful blogger lately but what the hell, it's my blog right? I can't help it if even sitting upright at the computer is making me ill. You are lucky you get any posts at all with the way I am feeling. It is a diabolical punishment for something which I haven't figured out yet. With the six year old I would be nauseous in the morning but as long as I waited long enough before eating, nothing ever actually came up. With the three year old I had major aversions, for example to bacon. As long as bacon was not cooked in my home, I was fine. This time, it comes on night and day with no rhyme or reason before I eat, after I eat, when I don't eat....What the hell???? I am hoping that since this particular bout of morning sickness is so severe that it can't possibly last as long....right??? Agree with me, damn it!!
My husband sent the six year old to bed at 7 pm last night because he was being a nasty whiny brat. So essentially he got an extra hour of sleep. What the hell? Can I be punished too? And then since he got an extra hour of sleep, why did he still give me a hard time waking up this morning? Thank God for vacation...only I still have to get up early to start the pumpkin pie, stuffing, turkey etc. etc. etc.
Why is it that my index finger hurts from too much mouse exercise? You know that little scroll down wheel? That's the one that for some reason has sprained my index finger. What the hell? Now I can't even enjoy my daily blogger fix without bodily injury?
So why is it that a TV station will get you hooked on a series and then take it off the schedule? Lifetime had Medium on at 7pm for a while which was great for me. I got to catch up on earlier seasons until they moved it to 12:30 AT NIGHT!! What the hell? Now I have to stay up until it ends at 1:30AM? Don't they know I have kids and need to get up at the crack of dawn aka 5:45 and therefore can't stay up to watch it? TNT totally did the same thing to my Bones episodes which used to come on everyday instead of only once a week. Also I was not pleased yesterday to see an previously unseen episode in the guide only to be tuning into Law and Order. What the hell? I mean really, it wasn't even a good one with Benjamin Bratt or Jerry Orbach.

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The Blue Zoo said...

When I was pregnant with my twins I could only eat food that didnt have a smell... Nothing hot, unless it was fast food of course! lol

MiMi said...

Um, yeah, so don't read Tanielle's blog. The polka-dot daisy...have you read her? She's at over 500 barfs for her pregnancy. It's not going away or anything. How horrible. I had that with my first for about 6 months. It sucks. :( But the good thing was that I came out skinnier than when I started and the baby was healthy, so I can't complain too much. Try telling me that when I was at a stop sign opening the door to freakin' puke, though. I would have punched anyone who told me that.

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

can I add something?


Ed Adams said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Stacy said...

Sorry you're so sick! That really really sucks! I don't seem to have the index finger problem, but do seem to have that carpal tunnel thingy. WTH? I didn't even think that was real! Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for joining us for WTHW!

Mommy X said...

I totally agree with you. It will be over very soon. Who would argue with a pregnant woman?

Unknown Mami said...

Damn TV stations flip flopping their schedules. Hope your finger injury gets better.

Jen said...

My milk aversion during my daughters pregnancy lasted 4 1/2 years, and still sometimes rears it's ugly head. Thank goodness it wasn't an ice cream aversion!