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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Smart phones

So I am officially a member of the uncool.  Apparently to have a blog and work the social networking circuit, you have to have a smartphone.  I think at four different blogs I read posts about their fancy new Blackberry, Iphone, My Touch etc. etc.  Today I read two more!! So I concede, I am an outcast.  I was one when I was in school and apparently nothing changes.  I am destined to be the one at my in-laws house actually conversing with people while they are snickering and consulting the latest blog or funny facebook status message.  Don't get me wrong, I am green with envy and yet still do not have the money for a fancy phone and contract upgrade.  (Sigh)


emotional diva said...

hmpfh. i love my blackberry. as soon as you come to your senses and get one, email me your PIN and we can chat non-stop! bahahahaha!

i have missed your blog. and commenting on it. thanks for still being here when i returned!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said... phone rings, I answer. I can call out. I can take a picture. That's it. No fancy stuff for me...too old to learn a new trick.

kys said...

I got a new smartphone a few weeks ago. It's not an iPhone because I can't do AT&T. But I still don't know how to blog from it. I don't think I would anyway because I hate the keyboard! My stubby little fingers push the wrong letters all the time.

Jennifer Haas said...

Cograts on being pregnant. That is so exciting!

My boys do rest, well the two year old does. The four year old will watch a movie. It helps. We go to our farm quite a bit, they have their own room there, so they are used to it and will sleep there. But on vacation they do not rest at all.

shortmama said...

I dont have a fancy phone either...I can call, text and take a picture...its really all I need

Unknown Mami said...

Maybe someday you can be cool too. For now you should just sulk.

Ms. de Leon said...

I barely know how to use my un-cool phone. Why just last week dad told me that I could send pictures to Facebook from my phone. When dad knows more about technology than me, that is a sorry state of affairs.