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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things Kids Say Thursday #6

4 year old: Sorry Mom, no time to talk now.

Me: You sure are silly.

7 year old: I can be silly if I want. You are not the boss of silly.

4 year old: I need the umbrella.

Me: It's not raining.

4 year old: Then why do I feel water?

Me: Probably the trees are still wet from earlier.

4 year old: This water sure is wet. I need the umbrella.

7 year old: Mario is Italian.

My brother: How do you know that? Does he talk with his hands?

7 year old: awkward...

My aunt: So do you have any girlfriends?

4 year old: No, but I'm gonna marry Angelina.

My aunt: Why isn't she your girlfriend if you're gonna marry her?

4 year old: I'm waiting for her to grow up so I can marry her.


Pamela said...

lol awwwe those kids sure are funny

blueviolet said...

And it was probably said with such seriousness, right?

Cruz said...

lol amazing. what aunt?

palomita said...

hahahhahahaha i love those kids!

lucythevaliant said...

'not the boss of silly; best quote ever!!

MiMi said...

So cute! Little boys are hilarious!