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Monday, September 13, 2010

My life, with kids, a job and other stuff designed to ruin my life.

So I have been a horribly neglectful blogger. I have probably been removed from other people's blogrolls, unfollowed and otherwise erased from the memories of my faithful readers but I swear it's not my fault. First I had a baby on June 24 and heaven knows a six year old, a four year old and an infant who demands to be fed every three hours is work. Don't believe me ask any mom you know. Anyway, I have been trying hard to keep up with the boys despite having the baby. Then, certain government officials who shall remain nameless decided to ruin the economy and my life, forcing me (kicking and screaming) back into the workforce. If that weren't bad enough, it's a sales position based on commission so I can't go there and fool around online while at work. (Well I could, but then I would be getting dressed up and going into work for nothing.) So because working at night and taking care of three kids was not enough, we put an offer on a house. Yippee for having a new house with space for all my books (What, did you think I did it for the kids? Yeah, right.) Boo to packing which I started yesterday. I hate packing... and unpacking. So if you have ever bought a house you may be familiar with the process during which you must produce every single piece of paperwork on your life history and then sign and date six kazillion papers. Every day, I get a call that goes something like this.

Mortgage Processor: Hello, Mrs Rodriguez, I need receipts that prove you spent $6 on coffee last week.
Me: I already sent you a receipt for the entire grocery shopping in which I spent much more than $6.
Mortgage Processor: Yes but according to this receipt you only spent $5.98 on coffee and since tea doesn't count so I'm gonna need you to buy more coffee and send me an additional receipt.


Mortgage Processor: Mrs Rodriguez, I recieved the last fax of 30,000 papers but on page 19,062, your husband signed but forgot to date. Please date and then refax that portion.
Me: OK (Then proceed to beat husband over the head for neglecting to date the damn paper.)

Yes, it's that ridiculous. So sometime this century, hopefully they will decide they know enough about me to close on our house so that I will experience the joy of moving. (Not) Seriously, we are about at the point where we are wondering of the whole thing has been a horrendous mistake. That probably means we are about done.

In other news, my sister somehow conned me into signing up for a 5K on Sunday. This should be interesting since I have yet to open the treadmill since having the baby. Don't get me wrong, I usually am pretty gung ho about the running thing and prior to having the baby was considering upping the usual 5k to a 10K but when she broached the subject, I must of had a short circuit in my brain when I failed to realize that I need to train for this kind of thing. Unfortunately after waking at 6 and being with the kids all day and then going to work to stand on my feet for four hours I don't usually come home thinking, yes I want to run 3 miles. If you do, I'm sorry but you should seek help. I still plan to run it so this may be my last week blogging as I will be dead come Monday. It was nice knowing you.


PAmela said...

YAY! for your return...we missed you!

Palomita said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so c=glad your back!!!! and with a delightfully, comical blog. also i call dibs on reading that jennifer cruise book when your done.

VandyJ said...

Good to see you back! Don't envy you the move.

Cruz said...

Woohoo!!! a blog post!!

MiMi said...

So glad to see you back!!! : )

shortmama said...

Sounds like you have more than one perfectly good excuse!

obladi oblada said...

Glad you are back...congrats on the baby!

ScoMan said...

Sounds like you need to get off your backside and do something with all your free time. *sarcasm*